What is the meaning of this dream: I saw this guy at my house, and from what I got out of my dream he was basically my boyfriend after all our time together we were in a room and on the frame I saw a old man with kids and a family and found out it's him and it's his spirit.


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I might ask if there is someone in your life that you are imagining a life with, seeing yourself grow old with, or imagining a permanent part of your life? Could this person be a potential mate?

Usually an image of a photo in a dream is a measure of our interior reflection, or our interest in our own mental world. The same is true of mirrors. So in some way, you are commenting on your own interior dialogue.

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Dreams are merely the interaction between your subconscious and conscious minds, as your subconscious processes information it has taken in. 

One explanation of this dream could be that you wish you had a boyfriend, combined with hearing the story of Dorian Grey.

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Dreams take you forward, Memory takes you back.

This is your vary own time machine. Yes it's a fact,

time travell is possible. Human do this all of the time,

and for the most part never realize that they have done it

or when it happens they discount it or put it down as coinsence.

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I honestly don't know the meaning of your dream, but it would make a pretty cool story to write!

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Don't know even if there is a meaning .. Other than you shouldn't eat anything Greasy or sugary before you go to bed. Your brain chemistry become overactive resulting in weird dreams .

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