Hello earthlings, I am an alien from outer space, what would you do if I came to earth and destroyed it?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Please Mr Alien, don't destroy the earth, just mankind s the animals and plants have done nothing wrong and I designed earth to be such a nice place for all to live in peace and harmony, but Satan got to man and what you see is the result. Thank you, God
Sapphire McAdams Profile
I'll get some tough guys and girls like arnold swarzts, lara croft, the toughest man,toughest woman, tom cruise, britney spears, and beyonce.

Then we'll go to you and arnold will hug you to death, lara will whip you with her hair, the toughest man will crush your planet, toughest woman will crush you space ship, tom cruise will ask you a survey, and britney will complain to you about her life and beyonce will finish you off by shaking you to death. LoL
This earth is already destroyed.that's beside the point.I'd bow down to you,and then kiss both of your feet/shoes.I'd ask you to take me back to your planet.
Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
We would not be able to do anything about it, if you destroyed the Earth, as we would all be dead. Are you Marvin the Martian.
xhizors xennor Profile
xhizors xennor answered
Well I would take the biggest missile human ever created to kill you :D.
ijanee bobbitt Profile
ijanee bobbitt answered
I wouldbecome your friend so you can teach me stuff
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Maxine Chan
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LOL aww thanks. I will teach you how to destroy the earth.
ijanee bobbitt
ijanee bobbitt commented
I dont wana destroy what you already destroyed. I want to know telepathy and mind reading and stuff like that
jack jack Profile
jack jack answered
Please mr alien
don't destroy earth our mankind  did't do any ting wrong
smell you later!
Thomas Rohrer Profile
Thomas Rohrer answered
I'd form a fake anti-Earth group, pretend to be your friend, hitch a ride on your ship, discover your 1 alien weakness, betray you, kill you using your 1 alien weakness, intimidate your cronies, form a galactic trade post, get filthy rich, fund efforts to build whole planets, purchase said planet-building service, have them rebuild the Earth, and go back to the Earth with my followers.
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Maxine Chan
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Aliens have no weakness.. Hello, we are not like you, humans.
Thomas Rohrer
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You might not be like us, but you're not freaking gods. You can be killed, and I will find out by what.
Addilynn Addilynn Profile
How dare you call ME EARTHLING? FIRST of all , I have better things to do than deal with an alien who can't do anything anyway since you just gave urself away , geesh I thought me as ninja was stupid , and by the way I am a ninja assasin , woops gnna ave to kill you , watch the black dust
joan saviour Profile
joan saviour answered
What is left to be destroyed , any way your pal laden is resting in sea bed  , just keep it in mind
millicent williams Profile
Well I am an even better alien and whilst you were arguing I have already destroyed the earth  except for England I like them and will keep them as pets!

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