Can the church be blamed for the indiscipline amongst the youth?


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Ray Ottewell answered
Not on its own no, although it needs to take its fair share of the blame. Society as a whole has to take the blame, for letting todays youth down, in a lot of ways.
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Dickie Allen answered
Most of the laws passed in the USA and most other countries are based on church mandates.
The church in general has caused the break down of the family. For too many years and even today churches teach their particular doctrine and laws taken from "out of context verses" rather than the Bible; yet claim to be Bible teaching.
Most pastors and preachers would be fired on the spot if they truly taught what the Bible teaches. Most preachers don't really know what the Bible says because they only "parrot" what they have been told.
The breakdown of "morals" most claim is not a breakdown of Bible law but rather a breakdown of church dogma and law. This is one of the biggest causes and reasons so many turn against the church and claim to be atheists; all they have ever heard is church law or been told of church law.  The Bible itself is a beautiful book of freedom if studied and know the meanings behind words especially the prime words.
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I think there has been a decline in morality in the past 30yr or so,especialy in the the west maybe its becouse of the drug culture and many other cultures that live in close proximity to each other with different religions,maybe the Church has failed or maybe people are worshiping god in thier own private way,

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