Can You Give Me A Welcome For Youth Day At Church?


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I am going to be very frank and honest with you; copying speeches off the internet or out of books may seem like a good idea but it rarely is one.
You may not think you are eloquent enough or sufficiently articulate to conjure up an interesting or rousing speech but you will surprise yourself when you sit down and try to write one.
Speeches are at their most intriguing and entertaining when they are delivered from the heart and in your own words rather than replicating those of others. Try and focus on what message you want to convey, who you think will be in the audience and what you personally remember from attending youth days at church.
If you’re looking for a structure, I’d start with welcoming everyone present, making sure you speak to the whole room. Next set out the activities you have planned for the day, followed by an explanation of the activities and an explanation of why you’re doing a youth day and why it is important. Here may be a good point to relay some of your memories, the funnier the better. Keep it short though. Follow that with a brief thank you to all the organisers and a final thank you to everyone for attending and sitting through your speech.
You may want to sprinkle a good proverb or two into the speech. These simple tales could inspire the minds of the young people in the audience and who doesn’t love a proverb?
Remember to have at least two copies of the speech on you, not in the same place and print it nice and large so it is easily legible. Also remember to practise it at least twice, this will give you the confidence to deliver a memorable speech and will help iron out any possible stumbling blocks before you step up in front of your audience.
Keep it personal, keep it light and keep it short.
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Get the youth on fire for Jesus and a good way to cultivate a hunger for God is having an altar service,meaning seeking the face of God with anointed worship music

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