Why does the Universe exist?


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There is no 'why' the Universe exists (unless you want to go down a highly philosophical route), only 'how'.

The universe has been around now for an estimated 13.75 billion years, and was once thought by the ancient Greeks to be infinite. However, it has since been observed that the universe had a definite beginning, and so therefore cannot be infinite, due to the discovery of red shift and cosmic microwave background radiation.

About 13.75 billions years ago, all the matter and energy of the observable universe was concentrated in a dense phase called the Planck epoch. The Universe expanded violently from this, in a motion more akin to a super massive explosion, known as the Big Bang.

Since then, the Universe has been steadily expanding to its current size today, although it is now thought that there was possibly a brief period (less than 10−32 seconds) of cosmic inflation. Recent observations indicate that this expansion is accelerating because of dark energy, which is actually carrying the galaxies out with it, much like the raisins in a rising loaf of bread. It is also now widely believed that most of the matter in the universe is in a form which cannot be detected by our current day instruments, which has been named dark matter.

Another interesting point to consider about the Universe is the round diameter of its observable plain is thought to be in the region of 93 billion light years. The theory of relativity suggests that space can travel faster than light, and so this explains how after only 13 billion years of existence, the Universe has expanded to 93 billion light years in volume.
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It is beyond what human can understand. Most of the people don't even know why they exist in this world, that is a tiny part of the universe. How much more knowing why the universe exist. If life after death could be true, there you might be able to find the answer of this question. By the way, you exist because you have to do something for somebody who made you. It's a miracle that you exist and ask questions about the universe.
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I don't think you can justify the existence of human. I mean, that could be 'your' reason as to why you exist. If I had to take a guess, I'd say there isn't any "reason" per se, as I said on my answer down there.
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Nothing is beyond human understanding but depends upon the knowledge and mental level of human. For reliable knowledge get if from religious scriptures and at the time only one scripture "Qur'an" is in its original untouched shape. But unfortunately people use those holy scriptures to divide human race in classes but God advise us to become one and follow just your Lord, that's the ultimate way to a happiness and peacefulness of humanity.
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This gives you an idea of how many Christians are lurking on blurtit times may more.
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The most basic answer I can give to this question is as follows. The universe exists to collect "experience", going from having no experience in the beginning to near infinite experience as it goes on. It collects this experience as a form of consciousness, most people falsely believing this consciousness to be "God" but I can tell you that it can be reclassified as the most basic form of life. Now as it began collecting this "experience" back when the universe was created, this "life form" had nearly no substance to it. Having no substance means having no form. By acquiring substance "experience" of following a very specialized pattern, this life form began to take on attributes and a form of what we now know as reality today.

Now this life form that has became the physical world, still uses you and me to gain experience for itself. This being said I can tell you that our consciousness is really the life forms consciousness, the two are one in the same.  The answer to this question is also relevant to solving what the meaning of life is. This means that we are the universe experiencing itself. I know this will be very difficult for people to understand but the next step in our advancement as human beings will be to realize that we are not just a race of sentient beings living on this planet but that we are all connected by the life form that sought out to give meaning to nothing. And this is why the universe exists.
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Personally, I think Man created God, not the other way around.  But it's way too hard to think about creation of the universe.  Come down a little closer to earth.  Look at a tree.  Why is it there, who made it?  A seed, sun, water?  Who made the seed?  Enjoy it.  Enjoy your existence.  There's a lot of unanswered questions, and if it pleases you to pursue them, do it with joy.  Although I think Man created God, I believe he did so because there's something real (but maybe on a different plane that we earthlings are on) as a basis.  I do think Man really has F______d up the details and this leads a lot of people to disbelieve because it's so silly, but the reality is still there and pure and true.  Good Luck on your search.
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Who is god ??? Is it the 12 richist familiy"s that run this world and the corps behind them which they built ?? And the biggest lie ever told called money - which they used to enslave you !!! From the cradle to the gave your bought and sold - yr mother sold you at birth !! Yes its called your birth cert - look at the full version its got the banks on the back - cos when yr mother regested you she waviered all yr rites - and accepted privilages instead for you !! Think about why a cert to be born
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I love how, unlike so many other questions, this one gets a great deal of responses.
In brief: Nobody on earth can know.
If you're of a religious or spiritual bent, you will usually attribute it to the creation that makes the most sense and is aligned with your understanding of how the universe works.
If you're of a scientific bent, you will usually assume that the theory of evolution is known and proven, that the Big Bang theory explains everything worth explaining, and spit out some arbitrarily (but well defined) length of time which again aligns with your understanding of how the universe works.

The fact is that nobody knows; you can attribute it to lack of longevity, lack of documentation, and lack of evidence. The best we can do is assume things are much the same way they have been and reverse engineer the beginning. That's why scientists presume the billions of years (they need them to explain things - the idea seems to be that, with enough time, anything is possible). And that's why other people have radically different other takes.

As for my personal take - I tend to follow scripture.  As a whole, the Bible doesn't say why the WHOLE was created, but it does speak to the purpose of different things.  Thus my take on it is that God create the universe for a place for things to happen.

In short, I believe the universe exists so that experience and existence can be meaningful and shared.
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You would most likely need to be a SAINT, in order to successfully respond to this difficult Question.
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To uncover this secret first we have to know whether space is finite or infinite...

We have to find where 1/0 (infinity) ends....

If universe and space does end then what it is that holds the space and

universe??? The answer might be space again....

So space should be infinite....

Actually Current (Modern) physics is unable to answer the Origin of universe and

But advancement of science might form a day when this mystery will be answered with proof!!!  Or IS IT???


Peace and Respect God as he is the creator and knows all the answers.....
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Why does the Universe exist?
For the same reason you exist. It was an act of creation.
Do you think that WHATEVER created the Universe is really any different than you? IT's not. Only, IT creates on a much larger scale.
What do you create? Music? Songs? A great Pot Roast dinner? Perhaps you create some kind of Art such as painting, sculpting, jewelry-making. Maybe you have a green thumb, bake a killer cake, or sew like nobody's business. Maybe you create a special kind of space where people just seem to have fun, or gather to discuss ideals or projects, or a playspace where children are happy because your particular brand of energy, (essence), makes them feel safe and loved.
Why do you do it? What is it inside of you that compels you to EXPRESS your nature-- to 'create' outwardly, so that there is a physical, tangible manifestation, (or 'effect'), of your inner essence?
It is the same on a HUGE SCALE as well. Think about what you, yourself, create. Think about how easily the thoughts and ideas come to you. Oft times, it just comes... No thinking at all. That's inspiration. Then, think about how difficult, or easy, the actual execution of those ideas are. We can sit on our bed, strum a guitar, and write a song that pops into our head. Think about how many songwriters out there who experience this everyday. Then think about how difficult it is to actually get that song out into the world to be heard.
Then think about the mind, spirit, heart, whatever it is, that thought the idea of a Universe... That was inspired to create it. Was it easy? Was it difficult?
And, perhaps, the most perplexing problem of all is one that is not often spoken of. And that is: Did whatever that created the Universe KNOW what the outcome would be? Do we KNOW the outcome of our ideas? Or do we just go with it? Creating just for the sake of creating and see what happens?
If we want to throw 'GOD' into the picture as a 'symbol' of that prime mover, prime creator, did GOD really know what would happen down the line? How it would all turn out in the end?
People seem to want to know that the Universe was created for a specific reason. They minds require a 'purpose' behind the idea of 'creation' itself. It makes them 'feel' better emotionally that there is a 'rhyme & reason' behind existence. Alas, it may just be that the Universe was created for no other reason than the urge to 'create' a something, to 'express' a something, some idea, some feeling, some inspiration which carries with it, and rightfully so, the essence of the creator. As do all our own creations here on Earth.
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I never said there was no 'CREATOR'. However, I do take exception with your anthropomorphizing, thus limiting, that CREATOR. GOD is ineffable, unknowable, incomprehensible-- the majestic power behind the CREATION we see all around us. Jesus is a Lord, meaning a Master of this Earthly plane, and a very good example of how to live righteously here, but he is not GOD, the CREATOR of ALL the COSMOS. In reading the Bible, one must always acknowledge the distinction between 'Lord' and 'GOD'.
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As well, the premise you are utilizing is known as 'Pascal's Wager'. It's a superficial faith based on, 'What's In It For Me?'. In other words, one loses nothing if they're wrong, but gains everything if they're right. And that's not faith, that's hedging one's bets. An itellectual exercise that has nothing to do with GOD, or the Lord Jesus, but rather one's own self-interest. Real faith is based on the study, practice, and inspiration of contemplating the DIVINE HEART and MIND of GOD.
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Let God be God. No point in comparing fallen man's work with God's creation, an absolute creation- a creation out of nothing.
I often ponder this question myself when I look at the sky at night. Since I have never traveled into space, and certainly never have reached either the end (if there is one) and have not discovered any other life, I feel that there is a possibility that something I do not understand set this in motion.
Whether that something is a creator, or something called nature did it, at this point I do not know.
However, since I really do not understand it all, I am hoping that when I die, just maybe I will have a new conscienceness to understand finally what I pondered here in my current state.
Scientists want the answers too and are just as curious as we all are.
I listen to all thoughts on the matter from atheists to creationists and hope to learn from all, some nugget of knowledge to help me understand it all better.
It truly is one of the great questions that has and will continue to make us all ask it!
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People who conscientiously and wisely contemplate their surroundings realise that everything in the universe - both animate and inanimate - must have been created. The question is "Who is the Creator of all these things?"
It is evident that "the fact of creation", which reveals itself in every aspect of the universe, cannot be an outcome of the universe itself. For example, a bug cannot have created itself. The solar system cannot have created or organised itself. Neither plants, humans, bacteria, erythrocytes (red-blood corpuscles), nor butterflies can have created themselves. Also the possibility that all these could have originated "by chance" is not even imaginable.
We therefore arrive at the following conclusion: Everything that we see has been created, but nothing we see can themselves be "creators". The Creator is different from and superior to all that we see with our eyes, a superior power that is invisible but whose existence and attributes are revealed in everything that exists.
This is the point at which those who deny the existence of Allah demur. These people are conditioned not to believe in His existence unless they see Him with their eyes. These people, who disregard the fact of "creation", are forced to ignore the actuality of "creation" manifest throughout the universe and try to prove that the universe and the living things in it have not been created. Evolutionary theory is an essential example of their vain endeavours to this end.
The basic mistake of those who deny Allah is shared by some people who do not really deny the existence of Allah but have a wrong perception of Him. They do not deny creation but have superstitious beliefs about "where" Allah is. Some think  that Allah is up in the "sky".  They tacitly imagine that Allah is behind a very distant planet and interferes with "worldly affairs" once in a while, or perhaps does not intervene at all. They imagine that He created the universe and then left it to itself, leaving people to determine their fates for themselves.
Still others have heard that it is written in the Qur'an that Allah is "everywhere" but they cannot conceive what exactly this means. They think that Allah surrounds everything like radio waves or like an invisible, intangible gas.
However, this and other beliefs that are unable to make clear "where" Allah is (and maybe because of that deny Him) are all based on a common mistake. They are prejudiced without any grounds for it and so are then moved to wrong opinions of Allah. What is this prejudice?
This prejudice is about the nature and characteristics of matter. We are so conditioned in our suppositions about the existence of matter that we never think whether it does exist or not or whether it is only a shadow. Modern science demolishes this prejudice and discloses a very important and revealing reality. In the following pages, we will try to clarify this great reality.

The World Of Electrical Signals
All the information that we have about the world in which we live is conveyed to us by our five senses. The world we know of consists of what our eyes see, our hands feel, our noses smell, our tongues taste, and our ears hear. We never think that the "external" world could be anything other than that which our senses present to us, as we have been dependent on only those senses since birth.
Modern research in many different fields of science points to a very different understanding and creates serious doubt about our senses and the world that we perceive with them.
The starting-point of this approach is that the notion of an "external world" shaped in our brain is only a response created in our brain by electrical signals. The redness of apples, the hardness of wood and, moreover, your mother, father, family, and everything that you own, your house, job, and the lines of this book, are comprised only of electrical signals.
Frederick Vester explains the point that science has reached on this subject:

Statements of some scientists posing that "man is an image, everything experienced is temporary and deceptive, and this universe is a shadow", seems to be proven by science in our day.1

The famous philosopher, George Berkeley commented on the subject as follows:

We believe in the existence of objects just because we see and touch them, and they are reflected to us by our perceptions. However, our perceptions are only ideas in our mind. Thus, objects we captivate by perceptions are nothing but ideas, and these ideas are essentially in nowhere but our mind... Since all these exist only in the mind, then it means that we are beguiled by deceptions when we imagine the universe and things to have an existence outside the mind. So, none of the surrounding things have an existence out of our mind.2

In order to clarify the subject, let us consider our sense of sight, which provides us with the most extensive information about the external world.
To be continued
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I think that more than asking the question about Why the Universe Exist? We should ask why do we exist or why do I exist. Once each one gets to understand his/her purpose, we could understand why universe exist
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Due to Chaos theroy you will get 2 answers. Pholosiphy: The unisverse exists due to its Birth from another entity. We are very much a part of this universe and were created by it to bare witness to it as well as contribute our energy, "THOUGHT" to it. Yes I do believe the universe is "A Living being" with supreme governess over its domain. Now for the only scientific answer I can give you. MY THEROY: The mathmatical formula for "Pie" is the reason we are here. Pie never gives you the same number twice no matter how you caculate it. That formula allows for limitless "THOUGHT", infinate universes, and unlimited answers to unlimited questions.
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We have enough evidence that there is a super power at work all the time! In my language it is called GOD almighty. We are manifestations and proof of His existence , after all we inherited some of His attributes and qualities namely the power to create,invent,destroy ,build,love,manipulate, faith....etc  Why the universe? It is His place(this super power's place) He can do with it as he pleases,whenever and wherever he wants to.May be we should pray and ask God why is He here and how did He come about?..with enough faith you will be answered.In the meantime enjoy your short visit to earth and wait to be transformed when your time comes!  ...Sam.
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Everything has been created, possibly, in such a way that God prevents his own boredom... Also, how would you spend infinite amount of time, without doing a single thing? The Universe is, actually, something that he created maybe because (I do not own this theory) every human being, once dead, can either go to the heavens or create his OWN universe. The original theory states that the created new universe is actually the heaven or hell, since the consciousness must go on forever, and God might have a beginning before this Universe has been created, and that in that beginning he was HUMAN; actually, some religious texts(I don't know exactly what), state that God created the human as his own image.
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Everyone is talking about how, but no one talks about why. All this talk about God and whatnot is pointless because the question here is why, not how.
Why does the Universe exist?
So we can exist.
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There is no meaning to the universe. Basically it is a useless, meaningless thing. The Big Bang is the most convincing theory we have to explain how the universe came into existence, but as to why it exists, there is no answer to that. The universe has no purpose, it never has and never will. Its only 'creator' was itself spontaneously starting, nothing more. So ipso facto we are the same. We are all just stardust formed together to create idiotic thinking beings who try to explain what they can't or don't want to understand with gods and the supernatural.
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To answer this question, there are lots and lots of things we can talk about or debate upon. But, to make a long discourse short read Psalm 19. Verse 1: The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Verse 2: Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. Verse 3: There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Verse 4 Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world...
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Wow.. You are almost as obsessed as the Muslim guy. At least he tried to contribute, rather than make quotations from a history book.
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I simply quoted the Scripture, I didn't write 'what I think'. The universe exist because God created it out of nothing so that we can look, explore, study it and marvel His greatness. Some people mentioned Big Bang. But no such thing can happen if nothing existed in the first place.
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Zahra Moshen, did you just wake up after sleeping for centuries? Jesus is a historical figure. Jesus is not an imaginary person. Jesus is not a myth. Jesus is not an invention of man. If you have a problem with the Bible, read any other historical or other books containing who Jesus is. For a quick reference you can look up an encyclopedia.
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- Who created  the Universe?- Genesis 1:1 In the Beginning, God created the heavens & the earth- ALSO:  Geneis 1: 14-16 And God went on to say: “Let luminaries come to be in the expanse of the heavens to make a division between the day and the night; and they must serve as signs and for seasons and for days and years. 15 And they must serve as luminaries in the expanse of the heavens to shine upon the earth.” And it came to be so. 16 And God proceeded to make the two great luminaries, the greater luminary for dominating the day and the lesser luminary for dominating the night, and also the stars.
ALSO: Psalms 147: 4 He is counting the number of the stars;
All of them he calls by [their] names.
- Why Did God Create the Earth?-Isaiah 45:18  For this is what Jehovah has said, the Creator of the heavens, He the [true] God, the Former of the earth and the Maker of it, He the One who firmly established it, who did not create it simply for nothing, who formed it even to be inhabited:
- What was His purpose for Mankind? Genesis 1:26-28 And God went on to say: “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness, and let them have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and the domestic animals and all the earth and every moving animal that is moving upon the earth.” 27 And God proceeded to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them. 28 Further, God blessed them and God said to them: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving upon the earth.”
-Then Are We Predestined for everything?  Genesis 6:5,6 Consequently Jehovah saw that the badness of man was abundant in the earth and every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only bad all the time. 6 And Jehovah felt regrets that he had made men in the earth, and he felt hurt at his heart.- If  the conditions on God beautiful earht went so bad that he felt regret .. He felt hurt at his heart that he needed to bring about the great deluge, this very scripture repudiates the notion that God predestines everything. While he is  both omnipotent & omniscient and can use those abilities to look ahead on things he deems necessary he chooses not to predestine man.. THAT is free will he is righteous and just and loving,he chooses to not predestine man because that would impose on our free will.. That would be a direct conflict with His own standards.To reiterate that everything that happens is NOT Gods will:  James 1:13
When under trial, let no one say: “I am being tried by God.” For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.
- If God Created the universe, who  is GOd since every religion calls him by different names? ANSWER: There are many gods but only One God( capitol G) even Satan is referred to as a god: 2Corinthains 4:3-4 If, now, the good news we declare is in fact veiled, it is veiled among those who are perishing, 4 among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through.
-SO WHo- which God is the Creator of All things?
ANSWER : Psalms 83:18
That people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah,
You alone are the Most High over all the earth
People can use their own ideas and notions to answer such thought provoking questions as " Why Does the Universe Exist?" and everyone wants to think their idea is novel and right but  the bible has circulated longer than any other book in the world in  236 lands and over 500 languages.. Even when just to own a bible was cause for torture and even death.... In its pages are answers to this question as well as man others such as " Why do we die?" What happens when we die? WHy does God allow suffering? How can we pray and be heard by God? The bible is also filled with countless  advice which has proven timeless in regards to relationships and marriage, keys to being happy, how to manage your money wisely, how to be a  good friend, how to have a  happy family life, nd so many other wonderful facts and information but most people don't know where in the bible to find this stuff because they think it is hard to read or they feel a little intimidated  to try and comprehend the 66 books contained in it. But it is harmonious from Geneis to Revelation and when broken into topic very easy to understand. Hope this helps.
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The Universe does exist and was indeed "created". To be "created" there "MUST" "ALWAYS" exist a "CREATOR" this is "!!!COMMOM SENSE!!!".....as "NOTHING CAN EXIST WITHOUT A CREATOR" ...."NOTHING! It does not take a scientist or holy person to comprehend this obvious fact....it's so simple in reason that we as a civilized people overlook what is so obvious.....We did not see the creation, so we question the creation....that's what's makes us human....we have the ability to "reason" and "think"....but we overlook the obvious...."WE WERE CREATED BY A CREATOR". PERIOD

Example: I was created by my Mom and Dad, they were created by their Mom and Dad, and they were created by their Mom and Dad.....to infinity...and so from the "beginning" we were all "Created" by a living life.

Now - Why does the Universe Exist??? We don't know, and it's anyone's guess. We usually "create" to enjoy and to learn. It's too simple to comprehend that we die and that's it! Our bodies lose life someday - yes - , but what makes us "us" goes somewhere....our spark/energy/spirit.....SO, MY GUESS IS THAT THE UNIVERSE EXISTS AS A PLATFORM FOR US TO LEARN, EXPERIENCE, LIVE, AND PREPARE US FOR WHAT'S NEXT AFTER WE DIE ON EARTH....BUT NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE....SO CHIME IN AND EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!
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There is so much to learn...so much to enjoy....so much love to give and so many adventures to be had...maybe oneday if I lose the power of speech and the use of my hands and legs and my eyesight is gone I may have time to ponder such questions as this....until then I will live and love pray to my God and eat good food and be thankful that the answer doesnt matter....
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The universe is the inside of a flat battery inside "GODs" favourite childhood toy, which is now abandoned in a box at his parents house, and GOD has moved on to bigger and better things like "answering this question on blurtit"
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To free will statement:  How can there be free will if GOD, is all knowing,all powerful. If those statements are true; then there is no" FREE WILL!" If god knows everything, then he knows all choices of independent though, therefore,he knows all out comes, and a bad choice is not your actual fault. By God knowing that you would make that bad choice, eliminates free will from being pursued; you were destined; by God to make that choice. Hence there was no free will on your part; but, there was devine destiny against you.
Destiny,des'ti'ni, n.state appointed or PREDETERMINED; fate,invincible necessity. So, if you believe in a divine entity; of or belonging to God.....You cannot have free will. Only if God does not know your destiny, would you truly have free will.....Thats Logic.....Tom Yerian
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The Core concept which is given by Quran is that the free will is the most precious gift of God to man. It is only man who have free will. He can shoose among choices and what a choice will result in is in the knowledge of God. But God created man in such way that its impossible to know the will of man before his decisions. The destiney is the name of General expertise and knowledge of God. And will of human can only be pre-known in terms of probability thats less then 100%.
Muhammad Diljan
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Any religion in its genuine form never thought man that his will is pre-programmed. Its the stupid science which says that will depends upon neurotransmeters and hormones.
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There is no reason. It simply exists. It's like the meaning of life. There is none. Life happened without reason.  You won't find the answer now and you never will.
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The universe exists because of a thing called "The Big Bang Theory". The Big Bang Theory occurred billions of years ago. The universe started off as a little tiny microscopic speck smaller than the smallest most tiniest grain of sand. Then something magnificent happened. The speck got bigger and bigger. Faster than the speed of light, the universe came about. The speck sort of exploded and the Milky Way, the planets, life, everything appeared. And that's how the universe was created. Does this subject depress anyone else? ;)
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Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? [Qur'aan 21:30]
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Yep, more unfounded unsupported Islamic nonsense.
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Well theres tons of mess-ups in the big bang theory, this speck you speak of was supposedly rotating at a very fast velocity, that means according to the law of conservation of angular momentum, big word i know, then everything in the universe should be rotating at the same speed and velocity of that speck. Why do we then see planets, moons, even entire galaxies rotating in both directions, that is just one of many fatal flaws in the big bang theory
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@Philip Capobianco

Now I can agree with you are your first few paragraph's. But once you threw in the God part it was just all nonsense afterward. If this "God" was not to blame, (according to you) then considering that many "believed" it created us, and therefore we as it's creations "sinned". Then isn't it logical to say that it was also at fault for creating us? You seem to hold so strong in your belief that you seem to blame it on US, and say WE "Sinned" and that it was OUR fault.

Is "God" so weak and powerless and emotional that after living for who knows, billions if not trillions of years; (well that is if you think "it" was "immortal") that "it" punished us or "Adam" for his "sins" and left us? But loved us so much to give us Jesus, and then Jesus died for us? This doesn't make any sense at all.

What part of us did we "sin" in a supposed "perfect" world? If "God" is the all knowing, then "it" should of realized from the start that nothing is without imperfection, and nothing is perfect. There will always be pro's and con's to any and every idea invented in this world. But what you are saying is that "God" only looked at the Pro's and therefore, lost it's belief in us cause of imperfection and it left us? Because it was an emotional cry baby, cause someone ate it's apple? Cmon! What part of that makes any sense?

If we were given free-will, then obviously it was just a matter of time before our Human brains told us, to do something we were told we shouldn't. Now all that bible is telling me is that "God" was so ignorant of THAT fact that it punished us for it's own fault and stupidity.

The Bible is allegorical; it's mythology. If you read it and you look to it for life lessons, it can be valuable to you. If you accept it as the literal word of God and especially if you accept your own interpretation of it (as dictated by your religious leader) as the literal word of God, not only do you behave in ways that are contrary to the tenets of your religion, you've missed the point.
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Why spend time wondering why we exist. How about just exist... . Who cares! Life is awesome. Live happy love at maximum capacity and don't think to much. About things you'll never know while on earth. That's my recipe for a fulfilled existence.
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Being a human its our tendency to know the answers for why , who and wat. Otherwise wats the difference betwen human and other animals??
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The universe is here because we want to play.  Your job is to put order into this universe and figure out how to get yourself back out to play another stupid game.
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It's funny that such being as god is mentioned in this, massive question.
I disagree with those who say god created universe. The logical answer should be "we don't know." Everything else is a "guess." It COULD be right but that chance is as small as our existence in the Universe point of view.
Back to god, we 'created' the existence of god thousand years ago since we needed something or someone to depend on. We 'wanted' to believe that something or someone existed. Thus, religion was created (can't believe no one mentioned this). Now having known this fact, if you really think about it, the chances of being what we created, god, is same as the 'God of orange,' who I just made up. I'm not trying to say God doesn't exist. But if I had to choose between two, I would say God doesn't exist because that's the most logical answer we can think of for now; because that's what we know- we don't know whether god exists or not, but we DO know the fact that we DON'T know. I really want to say more about this matter but since it's somewhat irrelevant to the topic, I'll stop here.
For the question, as I previously stated, I'll say "I don't know."
But I'd like to take a guess. My opinion is that there is no reason behind it. If it was created by Big Bang, then it was created by Big Bang. It just simply happened.
If you want to share your opinion, please contact me through->I'd gladly shard my opinion and would love to hear and learn from yours.
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That\'s a good question. Well, there\'s a "Why" the universe exists. The universe is about 13.75 billion years old. Imagine a human being that old...It ia also believed. That once your born the whole universe is made. Make that used to be. There's more theories that the universe was made by the big bang. Then another were God made the universe. The universe is still expanding now.  Here\'s the real answer to your question, the answer is... "We don\'t know \'Why\' yet, we\'ll never know,"
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If you think that God created the universe you are right. If you think that the "big Bang" created the universe you are right. But when you look at all the beauty of the earth and the stars at night do you think all this was "created" or caused by a "violent explosion". Ever seen the results of Hiroshima? I rest my case
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The Universe was created by all of us in it. The strings of string theory are our thoughts, constantly creating every moment. Our thoughts are creative. If you think
"I need more money", you are creating lack. If you think "that pastry is bad for me", you will experience a negative reaction when you eat it. I reversed my diabetes after realizing this after receiving a Reconnective healing.
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The Universe and everything in it exist just for Human, and Human are created to serve humanity. God love humanity. That's y we are directed to act in favour of humanity. So when God love humanity and want it to be served he created man in like of him (God) and want man to behave like him (God). This is the ultimate reason of everything happened, happen and will happen in universe. Now the only question remain unanswered is that y God love Humanity. So that is the outcome of the nature of God and nature does not need to cause it as 2+2=4 is nature and this law does not need any cause for its existance.
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So that you can ask the question "why does the universe exist?"
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afolabi ayodeji ebenezer
It an apparorial ?.but the fact is that,it as been into existence,at years back.which only a supreme being knows it reason. Without it existence,there would have been nothin calle "life"and"death."
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It just does. Just like the sand made of tiny rocks. The trees in the forest. There is no real reason, it's just there.
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No one knows for sure why the Universe exists. Some believe in the Big Bang theory. Other people believe different reasons why it exists based upon their religion or culture.
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Some have answered God created the Universe.  Well, which God ? The first mention of a 'God' pr god like beings are in the Book of Gilgamesh, Babylonia, so was Gilgamesh The God, then comes the Egyptian gods, Ra is the One ? Next comes the Greek and Roman gods, Zeus ? Poseidon ? Thor ? Next the Hindu gods, Shiva ? Brahma ? Next an Old fatherly figure of the Christians, Yahweh ? Next comes the muslims'  Allah.  Is He the one ? Now comes scientology, I don't know what they call God. Will it ever end ?  I think not.
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Muhammad Diljan
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God is only one and the only one, there are different words used to introduce God to human. The plurality is for the words not for God.
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I believe the universe burst into existance from another universe that expanded (like ours is) to a point that it could not expand anymore so "our" universe sprung into existance, ours will burst to create another universe & so on BUT where the initial universe came from is the ULTIMATE question & whether or not mankind ever discovers it's beginings is anyones guess.
As far as why we exist I believe we have simply evolved from very humble beginings & adapted to the life our environment provides, I do believe it is quite possible though that we did have assistance from other beings earlier in our development. No-one could convince me that ALL ancient civilisations that painted pictures & had stories of being visited by people from the stars or sky were all hallucinating, particularly when most were half a world away from eachother & had no contact with one another.
In summary I feel we have found ourselves in a wonderful place with wonderful surroundings & an amazing array of animals, we should feel extremely lucky & thankful for the experience, help those who through no fault of their own are less fortunate than ourselves, treat others the way you like to be treated, nurture & protect the animals who have all evolved along side of us & treat the Earth with the respect it truly deserves.
Well, that's this humans thinking anyway. Cheers
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Muhsin Muhammad
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GOD Almighty says,
And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander.
[Qur'aan 51:47]
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By using arithmetic, I can contrive the start of the Passover, the start of the Sabbath, at 6 pm Friday, April 7, AD30, three hours after the death of Jesus from the Big Bang time period.

The latest NASA measurement for the Big Bang is 13.73 billion years multiplied by the sidereal year of 365.256360417 days and multiplied by God's Earth signature of 9,420,856 days the Precession of the Equinoxes x 86,400 seconds and divided by 1.5 and square root twice and /1,000 = 1,284.385202 days which is the period from the 31st birthday of Jesus, the day of his Baptism at 8:00:23 am October 1, AD26 to 6:00 pm Friday, AD30, the start of Passover.

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Space, time and matter  = cosmic, Eucldean Space and the spatial and the spatial conceptions, of Riemann might throw some light on it - make a beginning, Einstein's theory gave us insight into gravitity -  Weryl's gives us the concept of tensor - density and we can in the Mind's space travel, way up there, there is so much more greater that we humans could ever imagine, and we continue to explore the wonders of the world and learn more and more and wow, these new stars have us going at the moment - we continually search for life on other planets and man is inegious when it comes to continuity. Well, I like cyberspace and all that imagination that goes in to it.... Have a good day.
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4 ways the universe is here:
1. It's always been here.
2. A "big bang" thing happened.
3. It's not really here, you just think it is.
4. God the Creator created it and us.
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For starters, the universe cannot possibly exist WITHOUT a God or all powerful eternal entity. And the reasoning behind that is both totally logical and scientific as well.
I'll use energy as an example...It is all around us. It is literally intertwined with everything in the known physical universe.
Science says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed within the physical universe. That means that energy is technically infinite, or eternal; unlimited. Now, the implications of that statement alone are massive. If energy is eternal, and it has no known origins in the PHYSICAL universe, then its origins must exist OUTSIDE of our known physical universe. Energy must have an infinite source if it's properties are eternal.
Now, if we've established that the origins of energy must exist outside the realm of the physical world(gravity, time, physics in general, etc.), we can also use reasoning and logic to apply attributes to this energy source.
We can assume that this energy source is:

-Intelligent- Because we can observe intelligence in human beings and creatures on the Earth.

-All powerful- Energy is eternal. The same entity that created energy(which is eternal) has an infinite supply of power at its disposal.

-All knowing- The world and it's physical properties are vastly complex. DNA, RNA, the human brain, body structure, cell mechanisms, animals, the ecosystem, the atmosphere, etc., all scream of complexity and design. The same entity that made all these things and set energy in motion must also understand what it is creating in order for it to work like clockworks. Physical laws all have to be applied to the universe as it's created, which furthers the notion that an insane amount of understanding is required to complete such a task.

Many people may ask,"Well, how do I learn about this God? Or what authority or proof do you have of His nature, His actions, etc."
My answer to that would be read the Bible. If you refuse to read the Bible because you believe that it is full of "inaccuracies and fallacies" of logic, I would suggest you take a closer look.The Bible has more than enough proof of God's understanding regarding the universe and the laws He created to govern it.

For instance, in Genesis, God told Abraham to circumcise all the males in his house who were 8 days old, as a token of the covenant between God and Abraham. Now, the interesting part about that is that we have a blood clotting agent in the human body known as vitamin K (techincally speaking, prothrombin). From the fifth day on, the level of prothrombin in the body is high enough to allow for fast enough clotting that a circumcision can be safely performed. Vitamin K levels reach 100% on the seventh day, but on the eighth? It reaches a whopping 110%. On the ninth, it drops back to 100%. Now how on Earth would a bunch of "ancient people" just KNOW that? Obviously, they didn't just use trial and error. That would practically be genocide....
Well...okay...Maybe genocide is a bit of an exaggeration, but honestly? They didn't even have the tools necesary to make accurate guages and conclusions for such a delicate task. No, trial and error is not the case.
The logical assumption would be to conclude that the same God who created the universe knew PRECISELY what was going on. That's only one example, of course. I'm just saying, I believe science will always point to the creator.

Oh, I read a response on this page that made me laugh because of the illogical idea presented in it. Here is what he/she/it said:

"If we were created by an all powerful being, He..She.....It, made some big time mistakes.
"Oh! Lord! How can you blame us
naked and cold with blood on our feet
thirsty and hungry we're starving and weak
to walk down this path laid by your hand
lined it with evil, chaos and greed
painted with lies designed to deceive
controlled by the evil one's power and greed
are we pay'n for a sin done on the cross
a new generation is already lost."

Now, this is going to tie in to WHY the universe was created, but for now, I'm going to point out the obvious flaws in the above statement.

The user is blaming God for "lining the our world with evil." In other words, he/she/it is suggesting that we should not be held responsible for our actions as individuals, but rather, it's all "God's fault."
This is clearly not the case.
For one thing, there is this thing called "free-will," or our ability to make decisions and act on our own. We are therefore responsible for our own actions.
That is why rapists and serial killers are thrown in jail.
Sin must be punished, and sin must not be tolerated(however, society today would like to tell you that you're a product of evolution. Simply put, you're just an animal, and you should do what you want to without fear of consequences, because there is supposedly "No God"). Sin, or evil, has consequences. You don't have to be all spiritual to understand something that simple. Even atheists know that (whether they call it "sin" or an "un-wise choice").
Now, someone might say God made a mistake by allowing evil to exist, but is that really the case? Is God really a devious, execrable, unloving entity that enjoys watching humans suffer? The answer is no. And the logic that supports that answer is sound.
The fact of the matter is that God allowed evil to exist because He loves us. This may seem insane or illogical, but think about it carefully before you make a hasy(and stupid) assumption.
For one thing, how can humans love God is they don't have free will? In order to TRULY love God, we need to be able to CHOOSE Him. Not act like robots that simply obey all the time. The only alternative to an all knowing, perfect, and HOLY God, would be precisely the opposite of that...Which is called Evil.
Now, if you understand the basic attributes of perfection, you realize that it cannot be tainted...Cannot be changed. That which is perfect REMAINS perfect.
Now, Adam(the father of mankind) sinned and brought evil upon a perfect world. You might ask why such a seemingly trivial act would cause the entire universe to become tainted with evil. The answer is simple; it is because God is Holy. Anything that sin touches, God cannot abide in. So naturally, if something is dying, you can assume that it has lost it's energy...It's life.
It's like a light-bulb...When it begins to separate from its power source, it naturally begins to die. There's no more light. And that is precisely what happened to our universe. The energy(God) could not abide with something that was less than perfection, so it left. We now had a sinful, evil infested world because of the actions of a single human being...Man's nature immediately became evil...Fleshly desires were mankind's nature. Death became a reality physically, and spiritually as well. Because of sin, souls were marked for eternal torment after, because God cannot abide with sin. Sin offerings and staying cleansed were the only ways to appease God's wrath for mankind's evil.
HOWEVER, God loved the world so much, that He sent Jesus to Earth to die as a replacement for us. Jesus was literally the incarnation of perfection. He went through the worst pain humanly possible, and died on a cross to bear our sins. Jesus is the way to eternal life...He is the way to escape Hell.
His sacrifice is a declaration of His love for us.
Essentially, the answer to "why does the universe exist" would be this:

He loved us enough to give us our sense...Sight, smell, hearing...everything. He wants us to love Him...He wants us to love perfection...To love Holiness, and to strive for Him. Everything He's ever created was meant to point at His mastery of time...Of space, of knowledge. He created the world and all the people in it to LOVE Him.
Love is really the reason for the existence of the universe.
That's all I have to say about that...
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It exist so that your Soul may be able explore the wonders of touch, taste, and of course the unknown.  It's the ultimate virtual, reality, video, live game show you can have.  No one and I mean no one knows for sure about anything really, as soon as someone says this, someone comes along and says that.  The only sure thing that we all have really is Faith.  Faith in God, Faith in love ones, Faith in ever after.    Some may ? Their Faith at times and the reasons can be plentiful.  But do you really truly believe that life ends here.  Well faith is believe, it's the same thing.  So you never ever really lost your faith did you.    P.S.  Anything else is unthinkable.
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You know universe stands for something , that something stands testimony for another something and shows the value of human , a self acclaimed but a minute one in front of something
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God made the world. He made what is seen and unseens. He made the people me like and despise. He made all the animals. He made the rocks, landscapes, weather and minerals. He made us just like he made the universe and all the planets. People who r not Catholic don't believe in this and say excuses to make other believe God is just a myth. But I am Catholic and I know for a fact that God created everything. Hoped you liked your answer. Thx for reading. XD!
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Philip Capobianco
I'm not a Catholic, and yet I believe that an all-knowing God created the universe. I'm not a Catholic because there are many things about Catholicism that Jesus warned us NOT to do.Mary, the mother of Jesus, is exhalted ABOVE God in the Rosary and other meaningless prayers.Also,they believe that the Pope is sinless...And yet, there hasn't been a single pope who HASN'T sinned. There are so many un-biblical teachings in Catholicism it makes my head hurt, but I'm just scratching the surface, lol..
Papercut Hurts
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Why would you say people make 'excuses?' They're not making any "excuses." If you really believe in god and want to convince someone that your belief is right, like what you're doing now, you should try to explain to them, rather than to say mean things about them and good things about yourself. Let me rephrase what you said there: "There is a God. He's omnipotent. Atheists are wrong and evil. But I'm a good boy(or girl). Hope this helped. HEEHEE :) "
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Who knows for sure. But I can definitely say for sure that no gods were involved.
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Asuka Jr.
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Really? You can say that for sure? Wow... I'm really jealous. I have no idea how the universe came into existence. I have no idea how gravity works. I'm a small, short-lived creature stumbling around on the surface of a small, insignificant planet out on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, and all I learn shows me that there is always more to learn, and that nothing I 'know' is guaranteed fact.
But you actually know a truth! You KNOW there is something that did not do something! Impressive. (O_O)
Sofia Gladun
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You are dumb.. Have fun in hades
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If we were created by an all powerful being, He..She.....It, made some big time mistakes.
  "Oh! Lord! How can you blame us
  naked and cold with blood on our feet
  thirsty and hungry we're starving and weak
  to walk down this path laid by your hand
  lined it with evil, chaos and greed
  painted with lies designed to deceive
  controlled by the evil one's power and greed
  are we pay'n for a sin done on the cross
  a new generation is already lost."...
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Religious answer: God...basically a diety or dieties created everything that does and does not exist.
Scientific answer:Gravity...gravity can create matter...basically it can turn nothing into something.
Am I the only one who noticed that gravity and god both start with the letter "g"?...creepy right...?...

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