Does Evil Exist In The World?


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If you are religious person, then yes you would believe that evil exists in the world, because you are convinced of its powerful and all mighty opposite God's Good. However, if you do not, then we are faced with some difficult questions and issues to resolve. What is evil? It is an intangible thing. We know it when we see it or hear about it, but we cannot touch it. When someone murders a child or harms an animal, we perceive that their actions are bad and wrong, but does that mean because their actions might be perceived as evil, does that make the person evil?

Working around murderers as I have, you would expect the presence of evil, yet these men and women were simply human beings who had committed terrible acts due to mental illness or psychological issues. When people knowingly and willingly kill or maim or damage or abuse, when they do this with full knowledge, perhaps this is evil, but again, whether evil exists without mankind's minds, we cannot know. If there is a God, there is probably a Satan. Some believe Satan is the world for our inner enemy who makes us do bad things. Perhaps this is where evil lies.
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Evil does exist in the world today. There are many crimes in the world. Children are disappearing because of it! It seems like people have no conscious. Even children and teenagers have evil in them. Everybody is evil because we all commit crimes or hurt others emotionally AND physically. We gossip about people and it hurts their feelings. There is evil everywhere. Heck, even Adam and Eve committed crimes! There’s even a myth that we will always have evil because of what Adam and Eve did.
     Evil does still exist. We can see it. We can hear it. We just can’t touch it.  There is a man who has caused evil forever. It was Satan also known as the devil. People say the devil “forces” them to commit such crimes. The devil is the main reason we have evil in our world, in my opinion.
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Certainly evil exists in the world.It's in nothing but the human beings itself. Because he has excelled all the other animals in the mental race and there by building a strong wall of selfishness around himself. This represents the evil element in humans. No other animal has such intentions. So humans are being deviated from the path shown by The God and representing the evil in the world.
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Evil is relative to experience.What you call evil to the other one is good.What you call good to the other one is evil.Existence has no absolutes.An evil person at 4 am morning can be a good person at 7 pm evening.Imagine a world without evil then you will know whether it exists or not.Evil is an environment around you that needs your responsibility for good to exist.
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I would say evil doesn't exist, evil actions yes, pure evil? No, evil is a christian mind set they use as an excuse for almost everything and of course they assume they're "good".
No one would wake up one morning and say " I choose evil" that concept is ridiculous, everyone believes they're doing what's right even if they aren't. You could even say hitler was doing what he thought was right. Yes he was delusional and twisted but he wasn't necessarily the embodiment of evil, he was mortal.
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"evil" is human nature as is "good" so is "inbetween" I don't think you can define if someone is evil because you can be made to be "evil" depends on your state of mind. We just need good and evil to set boundries ,hence punishment for doing wrong,its in our nature to go against the grain, I think its harder to be "good"
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Evil happens when good is attempted with flawed information to guide it. Even hitler thought he was saving the world.
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Absolutely! Satan and his follies are having a heyday in many peoples live's. Just listen to the Local and Worldly News and you can see all the evil that is plagued across the tv screen.
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Yes Evil exists in the world and it will remain until the forces of truth will defeat and ruin the forces of Evil and this war between Evil and Truthness is lasted form centuries and who knows when it ends.
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Yes,evil exist,the good example to  show whether evil exist is Quran suratu Baqara chapter one  up to...,it explains the story of Prophet Adan and the wife Eve/Hawa how they sinned.
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If you want to see if good and evil exists open the One and Only true Word of God, the Holy Bible. That is the ONLY God Inspired book!

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