How can I learn hydrokinesis? Do I need to be a water sign? How long will it take to learn?


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Hydrokinesis certainly has its critics; many believe it to be an illusion or even think that those that practise it to be delusional. Therefore it is not really as simple as learning it and then you'll be able to do it; rather it takes a special person and a lot of dedication and belief to achieve the effect they are after.

You do not need to be a water sign to practice hydrokinesis, but you must not be expecting miracles as you will end up rather disappointed with the outcome if you do. Trying to bend water with only the use of your mind is certainly not easy, and most will say it is impossible.

  • Resources to help you learn hydrokinesis
You will find there are many websites that have a lot of useful information about hydrokinesis which includes training techniques and tips of how to improve. A selection of these websites can be viewed below:

There are also several books available, which you may be able to take out from your local library, or of course you can purchase them online websites such as

As stated previously, don't get your hopes up that you will be able to do it straight away, or even after months of practice. It is a skill or talent that has never been fully explained with many believing it is nothing more than a glorified magic trick or illusion.

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