If Rep. Anthony Weiner had been Rev. Anthony Weiner, wouldn't he have been sanctioned by the church's "Zero Tolerance," policy. Isn't this just the status of the offender to warrant his getting a slap on the wrist?


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Yes I agree on that one.  The fact that the Dems were so quick to get rid of one of their own shows how out of touch they are and how unwilling they were to stand up to smoke and mirrors.  Wiener's actions were completely out of order, unprofessional and not befitting of his position.  His attempted cover-up, media evasion and excuses while refusing to leave office only worsened and intensified his situation.  While Jan Brewer was passing "racist" laws and Rick Wilson waging war on the unions, Nancy Pelosi merely asked him to step down.  As near a slap on the wrist as I've ever seen!

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