Why So Many Christians Are Absolutely Intolerant Against Other Religions An Atheists?


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The fundamentalists are the ones who are intolerant.
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David Lill
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Most Athiests I Know Are Intolerant of Chistians.Athiests I have met Don't want to hear about Christians views but Have no Problem Trying to Force Their Beliefs on others.Like the belief in Luck.
Jim Tito
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That's not all of us. I don't do it.
trht uuiyuii
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@sufwildcat... The only time that happens is when ppl try and force us to follow their religion, i am very tolerant to religion, unless they try to control others
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Many Christians are tolerant.  Some however, who call themselves evangelicals and fundamentalists believe that they must shove their unwanted doctrine down the throats of everyone they encounter.  Luckily they are a minority however outspoken they may seem.
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trht uuiyuii
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The smart minority
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So smart is being pushy and giving Christians everywhere a bad name?
trht uuiyuii
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I meant atheists being the minorities. Christians may do what u just said, but they are not the minority.
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I am not against other religions but as far as the atheists go I dont understand why they have to try to take GOD away from all of us who do believe in HIM.They have gotten GOD taken out of schools
Now they may have gotten "IN GOD WE TRUST" taken off of our money
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trht uuiyuii
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Because your god isn't suppost to be to be in schools and on money in the first place.
Sane Person
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HE goes with me everywhere I when I go to school and expect him to be there with me....I don't appreciate someone else trying to throw HIM out!....IDIOT!
Taylor Brookes
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And we dont appreciate someone trying to force him on us. It goes both ways.
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ronald jude answered
True christians are not intolerant nor unlovable toward atheists or other beliefs , however christians should be treated with the same respect concerning other matters as well , usually christians seem to be the ones that have to be defending thier belief because of others who are so intolerant of the only one who has ever love them who is god of course
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Atheists are perceived as a threat, not only to society, but Christianity itself. The former cannot be backed up by anything more than an irrational fear, the latter appears to a genuine fear, albeit being steeped in yet more irrational fear that it is the atheist 'manifesto' to wipe religion out.

Atheism could no sooner do this than check everyone is thinking happy thoughts, and is a straw man argument put forward to undermine the integrity of atheists.
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Michael Skinner answered
I personaly see it like this. I wouldn`t really love a person the way Christ loves me, if I was to not warn that person of the wages of sin, and the great wonderful relationship God wants to have with them. I have a great wonderful loving father who I can`t help but talk about. I have a true hope of life eternal.What does the Atheist have at lifes end? Hey, I got the only candy bar left and I want to share it with you! Have a Great Day!
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Because they are sheep, and do what the Good Shepherd tells them to.
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The programming of most Christians is to go out and change the world. It is one of the negative bi-products of Christianity. Every religion or cult has negatives and positives. Intolerance obviously is not very loving or God-like, or is it?
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There aren't alot of christians that are intolerant of other religions or atheists. They have their own beliefs that may contradict those of other religions same goes for the beliefs of athiests. Some may be intolerant, but most often that's not the case. Simple as that.
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I am not intolerant of anyone elses religion or beliefs. I simply believe in God and that he loves all people and everything that he has created.
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Most Christians are tolerent of other Religions,They may not agree with them But they are tolerant.The same Cannot be said About Atheiests,Like Bill Maher Or Muslims in the Middle East.Christians in There are Being Beheaded,Torchered,and shot every day.
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Jim Tito
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Where do you get this notion that all atheists can't intolarate other religions because of what Bill Maher said? I can and do tolrate all religions.
Tris Stock
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Can you name one country where Christians are being beheaded, tortured or shot by atheists today?

I didn't think so.
David Lill
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Afganistn,Packistan,Iran,just to name a few.If A person converts from islam to Chistianity they wind up being disowned.Bin laden and the guy trying to build on ground Zero ,as well as other muslum leaders have stated they wish to destroy all other faiths and make Islam the one would faith.As far as athiests,Stalian and mao Zedong Murdered Tens of Thousands of Christians.As Predjudice is a basic human Evil,There's Plenty of Intolerance on all Sides!

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