Almost 95% of the worlds population believe in a god, A Supreme being that created life itself. The other 5% are atheists and scientists. In the future when science can provide more answers, that percentage ratio will change?


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It is to be hoped so. Rationality must triumph over mindless superstition if the world is to live.
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Thank you for being a voice of reason, and actually speaking it!
I think it's a bigger percentage than 5%, but too many will not speak on it for fear of being shunned or labeled a devil-worshiper by the mindless brainwashed masses.

(just for those masses- people that don't believe in god, do not believe in the devil!!)
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Just wanted to say most scientists are atheists.  I would bet there are more atheists than simply 5%, especially when you count all the ones still in the closets (especially in the Bible belt in the U.S.).  Many European countries, like France, have high atheist populations.

I think as we become more tolerant, more people who are atheists will be able to feel safe coming out with their beliefs.  When there is more awareness that atheists are people too, not just people you need to convert, and no, they aren't out to get your children, it's possible more people may see themselves as atheists.  There's a lot of pressure in our society to be a "Christian" even if you are non-practicing.

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Keep searching, your numbers are wrong.

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Let God be God and let science be science. God created mankind with the instinct to search and learn; to explore and discover; to investigate and understand. People will continue to follow their inherent instinct, and in the process comprehend a little of God's mighty creation and exalt His name.
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Yep as with increased economic and social breakdowns not only in Britain and the US, but worldwide, the panic button for meltdown can't be far off.That's when not only the religious, but the atheists/agnostics/pagans will turn to the Higher power or Creator for help, inspiration and salvations.You will never get a 100% belief in God, such is human nature, but you can be sure it will be higher than the existing 95%.

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