Can science prove the existence of God or the origins of life? What do you think?


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Not all, but a lot of scientist's, believe that there is a creator. There are many scientist's that think, there are to many coincidences, for all these forms of life to have come from a chemical soup, let alone all the coincidences that led to there being a chemical soup. If you think about it, and you look around this world at all it's Beauty, it dos'nt take much to believe there is a creator. Wether it can ever be proved or not, is hard to say. I think a creator, is the most obvious.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Not only did the creator create our human life and all that sustains us, he created the world and all the worlds in the universe for us to gaze upon and to ponder about.
Selie Visa
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Right. Let God be God. The universe is created by God out of nothing. God created mankind with the instinct to learn, explore and understand. So, let science be science. Let people and science continue to learn, explore and understand a little of God's mighty creation.
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God is omnipresent, which means he fills the Universe in every part and is everywhere all at once.God is eternal which means that he isn't limited by time or space.Consequently, he cannot be measured or proved by science.The evidence is already there, with the sun, moon, stars, mountains, oceans and the animals that walk the earth in existence.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Wow! Great answer. Are you almost finished answering all of my questions? THere cannot be that many more. I've been busy. You are keeping me busy all by yourself.
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Indeed your answer was helpful.
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I think science can prove the origins of life ( not neccessarily human life). I think a Higher Power created the balance of Nature that science can not prove. I think that science can not prove the existence of God because God as we know it does not exist. I believe there is something and for want of a better word we call it God.
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Well yes and no. People always say science works against God. Like the bible says God created the earth and the people, and scientists say they evolved. Well I'm a christian and a very strong one at that and I believe in the evolution. As long as you believe God created the first beings that we progressed out of, the theories and beliefs can co-exist. BUT, no science can really prove the existance of God or there would be no point in faith. So science can support what we already know as far as jesus existing as a real man and whatever, but no substantial proof can really be obtained.
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savannah seymour
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But obviously it depends on who you ask
Lianna Lins
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I agree with you there! One thing about evolution - why would an all-powerful God need things to evolve on their own, when He can make anything that He wants to?
savannah seymour
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Well as time goes on, he gave us the ability to evolve to survive as climate , geography, and polotics and emotions develop and change, again, its all for our good
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No I don't think so , because Religion is Faith , and I strongly believe in God and think that Science does not prove there is God , but miracles that have been seen are proof of God and that he exists...8) happy day sir.
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Nobody in his right mind or deep introspection will say there is no proof of the existence of God. Science is still in its infancy, we know very little about life and the universe. But the more we learn the more we will become assured of the existence of the supernatural or divine Creator God. Many serious scientists (in the field of biology, chemistry, physics or astronomy) after studying the human DNA, the complex designs of matters, the universe, etc, etc, had been convinced that a supernatural designer or creator does exist. The Bible was not written to prove the existence of God. The authors of the Bible wrote it with the full knowledge that God does exist. The existence of God is to be accepted by faith. But this does not meant that there is no proof of His existence. In addition to the biblical argumentsfor God's existence, there other arguments. The cosmological argument states that an effect must have a cause. There is a reaction to every action. To every effect there is a cause. Nothing simply pop up out of nowhere. So this universe and everything in it is an effect. The teleological argument states that since the universe displays such an amazing design, there must have been a divine Designer. Besides these we know God exist because of the ways He had touched and so miraculously changed our personal lives with His wondrous love and grace. Thank you. May the Almighty God bless you with peace, joy, wisdom and understanding. Amen.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Thank you Selie.
Deston Elite
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Okay, but what is your evidence that it's your god and not another god that is the real god?

I mean, the cosmological and teleological arguments are both invalid and have been disproven by countless numbers of people. It's too easy to debunk. However, going with the idea that it could be correct...

How do we know it's your god and not another god?
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No amount of science can PROVE or DISPROVE the existence of God. The PROOF is in your heart. The proof is all my prayers that have been answered.
The proof is the change from what you used to be to who you are now.
When my husband was a kid, he did some horrible things to animals. I stopped him before he could give me all the details (I don't think I could take it) but now he is so changed. He loves our cats, He pets them. Is incredibly patient when they get in front of the T.V. And block the picture. He just says ' I didn't want to watch T.V. Anyway.
The only real proof is you. How you feel, what you think ect.
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Well science and religion have always been foes so I think that science will discover the origins of life but personally I don't think that god is anything more than mans imagination so science can't prove something exists thats not real
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Maria Not Telling
If theres a god ill be fine i dont sin all that much but if i do go to hell i wont regret it i live my life they way i want to its fun exciting and enjoyable so if hell punishes me for that than so be it i dont regret anything life is ment for living not wasting
Joseph Michael Wasik
Disagree. Science and Religion (God) haven't always been foes. There are those scientist that confirm a supreme being.
Maria Not Telling
Some but so many have been killed put on house arrest for just saying the earth is not center of the universe
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Its possible but science can and is proving the facts of the Bible as to being true or not
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Every time science tries to disprove bibllical events they find out later that they're forced to recant on their opinions --- What do you think?
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Yes it can! It is incredibly obvious. For all those in doubt, please check this link. It says it all:
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Thank you Peace. Didn't need to see this site in order to believe that God knows me and appreciates my efforts in trying to inherit His Kingdom. He's allowed me to witness His miracles for my benefit, alone. I constantly go back to remembering these in the awe of His power.

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