What does Revelation 8:11-13 mean?


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Verses 11-13 is refering to the Jews, there will be a remnant of Jews that will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and will believe and receive it and through the Holy Spirit will become born again, reconizing that Christ is their Messiah! Not all will do this only a small remnant will be saved! Many will not and will continue to live under the old law or old covernant, called the spirit of the law, it was inaffective it had no power to change the heart, the blood of animals was shed constantely it only satisfied the flesh! Because of what Christ did on the cross the old covernant was done away with and a new covernant with better promises signed in Christ's blood shed once and for all was established, Christ being our high Priest, and meadiator between man and God the Father! Any one who believes and excepts that will receive the Spirit of God and his heart becomes new and is changed, born again! 2Cor3:6-18,Heb.7:22,Heb.8:1-13, Heb.9:14-28 In the verses 11-13 Its saying to those Jews what God will do in their hearts by the Holy Spirit, which the old covernant could never do that! And sadly to say there will be many who will not except Christ and they will die under the old law and that is the same with all mankind who refuse this great salvation! 2Pet.3:8-14...carlene

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