Why Don't Some Ministers Preach About The Book Of Revelation From The Holy Bible ?


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They only want you to know about all the good things that happen.
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Also agree with you , cause they seem to go around the issue
Lauren Usry
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If they would learn to talk about the bad times, along with the good times, it would be better than having some one thinking everything is fine and dandy.
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If one has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, one need not fear the book of Revelation! It is the believers future hope and destiny after Satan and all evil has been judged and destroyed! For the believer it is eternal life in the presence of God, face to face! Eternal joy from pain and suffering and to be with the Lamb of God, Christ forever the one who bled , died and rose again that we too might live and reign with Him! It says that anyone who reads this book will receive a promised blessing Rev.1:3. Genaveve
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Because they do not have a clue what it means, or what it is trying to relate. If your Pastor is NOT teaching ALL the bible you need to go elsewhere.. It is relevant to YOU very much so.. Please , please do your own research people... Your soul depends on it.. Look at what the original handwritten transcripts actually say.. Get a Strong`s concordance. Find out what the letter from Dad really does say to YOU.. Don`t depend on some human`s interpretation of God`s letter to YOU.. Read it YOURSELF and go to the handwritten manuscripts to find the truth of what you are being fed.. Satan is in many Churches too. What better place for the deceiver to deceive God`s kids?

God says many will be deceived. You must take your spiritual journey into your OWN hands..

Peace and blessings from Texas <><
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The majority of the bible is "bad stuff". It you placed the books on a spectrum with the lower end being the worst books, and the higher end being the "good" books, Revelation would be 3rd to last, only beat by Deut., and Jeremiah. On the other end you have the only three books that actually have more good than bad in them. Those being Ecclesiastes, James, and Proverbs, all predominately preaching about goodness and healthy virtues. 

It's much easier to promote your dogmas if the books/verses used are comforting and virtuous, not murderous and tyrannical.

Interesting to note, even the highly regarded stories of the gospels incorporate strong sayings of intolerance and hatred. Yet those are subject to picking-and-choosing by (probably) every minister/pastor/priest that has lived. It's easier to talk of the high moral standards of "christ", rather than the strong anti-semitism (among other things) promoted throughout Matthew, Luke, and John.

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Because they are afraid and some really do not know but the majority believe if they speak and minister of the things which is to come they will lose members. But ministering the truth to people and warning them of what is to come should bring true hearted christians closer to Christ.
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The Bible contains many literary genres. Exposition, narrative and biography, parables, poetry, proverbs or wisdom saying, prophecy and apocalyptic. Prophecy and apocalyptic is the most challenging type of literature in the Bible. Revelation falls into this type and deals with cataclysmic events having to do with the end of the world. The language is highly symbolic. In spite of the difficulties, I like studying Revelation like all other books of the Bible. Pay attention to the structure of the book to avoid speculations. Some ministers may not delve into the book of Revelation due to the difficulties in interpretation. My suggestion is that, instead of sermons in the church, we should have more Bibles studies on Revelation without having to worry about time constraint.
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Many Ministers do not preach about revelation because they do not understand it!!
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Unfortunately there are many preachers out there who skip around the "difficult or challenging" stuff, because they are afraid that if they preach the truth they will be unpopular and the people would leave their church.

What they don't realise is that the book of Revelation is a wonderful book that reveals Jesus Christ in a way the other books of the Bible don't.  There are great truths within the book of Revelation.  Truths that are important for all Christians to know.
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If the ministry is based in Bible Study than the preachers will Teach from each book in the bible. The bible is more about Teaching than it is about Preaching. Ministers with a theology background know this basic concept.
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Well preaching or teaching which ever you call it . You deliver the whole message and not part of the message.
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Teaching is not the same as preaching. In many churches Ministers will preach out scripture without attempting to teach what the scripture is about. That is why I stated if the ministry is based in Bible Study than all books of the bible would be taught to the congregation...not just select ones that make the minister comfortable about his message for the day.
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Some people may not fully understand the book of Revelations, but there are many preacher and pastors who do teach from the book.
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Because christianity is a man made religion and jesus taught the gospel we have to figure out which denomination or sect we have to belong to due to our own commensense  resoning and logic. The books of the gospel is the foundation for jesus; teaching.paul wrote revelation when he was exile at patmos in the caucus mountains thats one reason,

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