Are all left handed people evil? Because my friends are left handed and they are so mean! In history, I read online that left handed people are evil.. So are they going to hell as well.. I already know they are going to hell.


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Adolf Hitler was right-handed, and was very evil. But most people are right-handed, so does that mean they are all as evil as Hitler was? --No, of course not!
Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was left-handed, but that was only because he escaped from a Siberian prison camp in winter, during the Tsarist times, and the nerves of his right hand became frozen, impairing its use.
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No. Left handed people are not evil. What does a Chinese girl care about a nonsensical Western concept such a hell? No evidence for any such place.
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Maxine Chan
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LOL cuz I read an article online that left handed people are evil..
John McCann
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Do you believe everything you read on line?
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I agree with Mr. McCann, in his assertion that there is not a whit of solid evidence.
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No they are usualy artistic in nature,thats like saying are all blondes and men evil,
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Obama's left-handed...well, maybe he is evil, lol! But my best guy friend is left-handed, and my brother's sister in law is left-handed...and they are all awesome people. I actually tried to make myself left-handed when I was a kid because I thought it would be so much cooler than being right-handed ^_^ it's just a genetic thing.
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I never passed 8th grade and I still have more sense then you! Haha! Come on Maxine think for yourself , do you really believe that?
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No that's just a myth, an old wives tale derived from the The Bible where left-handedness is associated with evil, while in Hebrew culture, it's a metaphor for evil and misfortune.
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No dont be a retard.

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