What Does 'Gloria In Excelsis Deo' Mean?


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'Gloria is Excelsis Deo' is a doxology. Doxology is a song of praise sung to worship god. It is heard in a Mass (gathering) in Christian churches. But, generally it is a necessary part of Roman Catholic Mass. The words 'Gloria in the Excelsis Deo' are of Latin origin. The literal translation of 'Gloria in the Excelsis Deo' is 'Glory to the Lord in the highest'. The word Gloria stands for glory. Excelsis means lofty. It could also mean high, elevated or a height or lifted or raised or soaring tall or towering.

The word Deo in 'Gloria Excelsis Deo' is actually of Greek origin. It can also be used as name for a boy. Deo means 'God' or 'God-like' or 'the divine one' or the 'Godly one'. Thus, the words 'Gloria in Excelsis Deo' could also mean 'Glory in the heights for the Lord'. These four words are the title of the hymn or doxology and also the beginning of the song.
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Gloria in Excelsis Deo means 'Glory to God in the Highest.' It is a Latin phase and is often used by Christians to praise God. It is sometimes sung in Church. Until relatively recently, Catholic Mass was always said in Latin. Gloria in Excelsis Deo can be sung as a Gregorian chant.
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Glory to God in the Highest.

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