Who Follows Buddhism ? Who Do You Think Follows Them ? Where Do They Pray ?what Countries Follow Them?


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Buddhism is a religion for the non-violent people.It is followed mostly in Japan and India.There are many Buddhist temples where followers offer their prayers.
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Despite the fact I'm Christian, I have always had an interest in Buddhism. The Buddhists are so peaceful and respectful. They pray in temples and in their own homes to small altars. Some Chinese people follow Buddhism but it is mostly the Tibetans and Nepalese people that follow Buddhism. One of the human rights issues China has is their treatment of the relatively innocent Tibetans. China would like Tibet to be part of China but the Tibetans would like to stay Tibetans hence the unnecessary violence on the part of the chinese government.
Buddhists are believers in reincarnation and there for will not eat meat or squash a bug in the belief that the creature could be an ancestor in another form.
Buddha himself has been compared to Jesus for later part of his life. He started out as a very rich royal that was getting nothing out of having everything, so he shaved off his hair and lived like pauper for his remaining days teaching others that happiness can be found without having materialistic goods and huge wealth.
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My brother is a Buddhist, prays when and where he wants it works for him. I am christian and don't agree with his beliefs, but it is his choice and I love him anyway.
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