Are Born Again Christians Boring?


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If someone was boring before becoming a Christian, chances are, he or she will remain boring. If the person was interesting and stimulating before, the personality remains.

Christians are no different from anyone else. We all have individual personalities. No matter what we believe, that personality shines through in everything we do.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, we're all the same in one simple fact: We're all different, unique people. Some of us are boring, others are not. Take your pick of the lot for your friends and associates.
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Well for me it's not being boring but it depends upon the person that feels the way they worship is boring! Learning God's word isn't boring in fact it's a whole new thing! The nicest way of growing & letting yourself near to God instead of making gossip or doing bad things!
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People as a society have a perception that you have to give up life and fun to be a christian. When in fact all you are doing is modifying your life to live according to what you now believe. Which does not in effect do away with fun or activities except the ones that are against what the bible/God says is wrong. No where does God say to stop living and having fun. If you believe a christian has to be boring then I would suggest you start looking at all the professional sports stars. You will find that there are christians everywhere doing all kinds of things from motorcyle stunt riding in the x games to flying competition airplanes performing aerial acrobatics. Not to mention all the soldiers that are defending the country right now and are accepting jesus daily I don't think they would be considered boring by anyone. In other words people that find them boring still want them to live/act in the world they use to know.
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I find them boring, reading their rants on the Internet. Occasionally they can be interesting, but I usually find them boring, at least from my Internet experience :P
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They are too easily offended, normal people constantly have to edit themselves.

They are typicaly creationists, that means every time you bring up anything related to valid science they pop in with their "God did it and scientists don't know anything" Boorish  nonsense.

They regurgitate Christian catch phrases back and forth typically involving different combinations of the phrases "Gods grace, through whom all things are possible, walk with the lord, saved through the blood of the lamb, his love, through faith I am saved"

Here's an example. "Through faith I am saved by god through whom all things are possible, gods grace has saved me through the blood of the lamb"

And the judging! Anyone who doesn't live by the Gods arbitrary set of irrelevant rules is a sinner. My parents pretty much dissowned me when I moved in with my now wife then girlfriend.

So yes, your boring, and most of us go out of our way to avoid you.
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Well for me I have a blast.I hang out with my church family who I love dearly and we go swimming we feed the homeless.We have holy ghost parties, we have lunch together.We  also go on trips together I couldn't ave asked for a better life.
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Absolutely not! If you truly are a Born Again follower of Jesus Christ, you can't be! We have the love of Christ, the exceeding joy that comes form knowing that we are a special and unique Creation! The ones who claim to be a Saint on Sunday and waller with the Sinful Monday through Saturday are the ones who are boring in my eyes!
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No, in fact they're absolutely hilarious, and great fun to play with! Also foolish and misguided, but that's another matter.
BEN GREGO answered
My only answer to that would be this:
If you go on and on and on - and ON about your new religion, then I'd expect you to listen, with rapt attention, to the ideas about MY religion, or even lack of one!!!
After all, turnabout it fair play......

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