If The Person I Am Marrying Was Only Baptised And Not Confirmed, How Can I Still Get Married In The Catholic Church?


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As long as you are a Catholic in good standing, (i.e. Attend Mass and receive the Sacraments) it doesn't matter if your spouse-to-be is Catholic or not, confirmed or not.  You may have a full Mass and you (as the baptised practicing Catholic) wil receive the sacrament of marriage.  Your new spouse may not receive communion at the Mass, but certainly may be a part of the service (depending upon the jurisdiction of the Bishop in your diocese.)  A marriage Mass is allowed even if only one person is Catholic and/or practicing the Faith.
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It is possible to get married in the Roman Catholic church if one partner is baptised but not confirmed.
You wouldn't be allowed to have a full mass but the baptized partner can attend mass.
You should have a chat with your parish priest about it , I'm sure that he would rather you married in church than went else where. He might suggest the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults for the unconfirmed partner but that's a very personal choice.
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You may need to go to see the priest at the church where you plan to marry, and discuss this with him. The fact that he was baptised is important. Take the record of this, which can be applied for from the church where he was baptised, with you.
The easiest way would be to ask his priest to marry you. However this may not be convenient.
In which case the church will ask him to go though catecism classes, and when he has completed them
he will be able to marry.
Secondly you should know that many churches require
marriage preparation classes, to prepare persons wishing to marry for the realities of entering into a christian marriage. However sometimes they will help you to acheive this as soon as possible because the parish needs the money.
Good luck!

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