How Can Logic Help In The Attainment Of Truth?


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Logic is perhaps the most important of all tools in the attainment of truth, if by logic you mean the ability to reason, the use of reasoned arguments etc.

Logic alone can't give insights or let us gain new information; that's clear. But without a rational approach, that looks at evidence and considers it objectively, new information is of little use anyway. (By the way, by "information" I don't just mean facts out of a textbook or whatever; it includes all the input we get, sensory information, experience and so on.)

Logic gets a bad press because we associate it with a cold, calculating attitude; there is an idea that people who pride themselves on their logical reasoning don't have feelings, or at least never let their feelings take charge. But logic is just looking at, and understanding, the way one thing follows another and/ or the way things fit together, and what we call "feelings" are part of that. To find the truth about anything, you need to use your whole intelligence - instinct, imagination, analytical ability, and logical reasoning.
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Very often logic can help you to discover the truth. But on the other hand what seems logical to one person might not to another. For an example, if you are trying to figure out where all the money is going that ismissing from your budget, you might make a logical list of expenditures you and your spouse share. . . electric bills, groceries, gas, etc.

However perhaps your spouse is putting some aside to take you an a surprise trip, or get buy you a surprise gift. That truth can not be attained by logic. Logically speaking there should be an extra fifty dollars in the funds, and it is missing.
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Certainly logic can help in obtaining the truth about a particular situation.

We all use our powers of deduction to eliminate less likely facts, in preference to most likely ones.Then we logically work our way back and arrive at a decision. We may do this instinctively hundreds of times a day,sometimes without even realising it.

We learn this skill throughout our lives, from childhood until our deaths, hopefully making us wiser and more logical in old age.
However as to whether logic can help us to attain truth, as in the greater meaning of truth, enlightenment, probably not, as that envolves faith, and has nothing to do with logic, and in fact in this case, logic may, very well, act as a hindrance.

Good luck in your search for the truth.
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The logic it's not logical itself any more...
The only truth is now in the present moment we live we breath it

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