How Can I Believe The Bible?


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Archaeologists have found, and continue to find, artifacts that stand up to scrutiny in regard to the Bible, so I suppose that, historically, there is some truth in it.

I feel the same as you do, because to believe in the Bible, literally, would have to take a lot of faith. There are so many things in it that don't make any sense to me as well. There are scholars, historians and archaeologists who agree that some of the stories in the Bible never happened while there is evidence that some could have happened.

An awful lot of the book is open to interpretation. Some things are metaphores and life lessons. It also has to be understood that the Catholic Church (the root of Christianity), compiled the New Testament. They picked what things were included in the Bible and chose to discount others. That being the case, the church knows the Bible was written by men, not G-d.

There are Christian sects that believe in the Bible word for word. Others use it as a guide, but each tailors it to their own beliefs. There are also Jewish sects that do the same thing using the Old Testament.

Personally, I could never live my life as described in either of the two books. The world and our lives have changed and no longer resemble life that existed in Biblical times. I can only believe what I can see and what can be substantiated. At the same time there are many scientists whose work does not support the ideas in the Bible, but if asked, they will tell you they believe in G-d.

I feel that what one believes is a matter of choice. What suits one may not satisfy another. I also believe that whether or not one chooses to believe in G-d, he/she can live a spiritual and a good life. I wish you well and hope that you will be able find what you seem to be looking gor.
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Catholicism is not the root of christianity--so not. The catholic church and its doctrines and versions only had even started to came to fruition in/about the mid 4th to early 5th century. The concepts and propagation of christianity far pre-date both catholicism and islam. Yet Judaism is the oldest known religion based on the god we know also in christianity. Prior to Judaism, of course, there were religions as old as mankind itself, mostly based in paganism/paganistic/nature principles. Islam was born as a religion around the early 6th century. It is notable that islam includes as prophetical/messengers of God both Jesus and Abraham, as well as Mohammed.
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Catholicism is far from the root of Christianity, but it DID bring about the modern face of Christianity we know today through their manipulation of what was included and omitted from the modern Bible.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a prime example of Catholic censorship.
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Aaaahhhhhh, it's all about 'faith'. I agree with you totally. I believe in God with all my heart because of personal experiences I've had in my life but I don't believe in the bible which many people will tell you that you can't believe in one and not the other. I've asked the same question as you did and my answer was 'faith', you gotta have it, LOL I'd like a little more to go on. But to me the bible is a book written and rewritten. You should talk to a member of your church or any church, they can help enlighten you better then most of us on here.
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There are many artifacts that prove the scriptures in the Holy Bible. Visiting Jerusalem would open the eyes of many. However, the Lord explains in the Bible that faith is based on what one believes, not what one sees. The world today is in a "gotta see to believe" state. They say they believe in God, but if they don't have a relationship with God, believe in God's Word and in His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, how do they truly believe in the true God. When God Himself proclaims Jesus Christ as His One and Only Son who was God in the flesh and was born on this earth to die for all of our sin. Before I came to the truth about salvation and found my true Holy Father, I was also having a really hard time in the whole concept. I didn't read the Bible because it made me depressed. I felt that everyone was preaching to be perfect, and if you couldn't be perfect, you didn't have a chance. I was one who believed in God, and in Jesus, but didn't want to read the Bible, I doubted every time I would read it. So I eventually stopped reading it. When I found my true Heavenly Father through some experiences in my life that brought me to my knees, that spirit of doubt was replaced with God's love. I didn't understand how God could love me and all mankind so much that He would send His Son to die for me and carry the burden for me. All I had to do was believe in my Saviour Jesus Christ. And once I realized this, my salvation was complete. However, it didn't stop there. Although I was safe from that day forward, I was so heart felt for what God had done for me, I wanted nothing more than to give my heart and life to Him in return. Not because I had to, but because I owe that to Him. And as I searched and strive after God's own heart, to be like Him, I found the Bible to be the only source of truth there is. And there are still times when I have doubt, fear, and lots of other feelings. There are also times when I make mistakes and fail. But, my hope is in that one day my Lord will return for me, and I will no longer have to live in the presence of sin. I will be forever perfected. So yes, in my belief, your life should be #1 based on God and what God says is true, since He is the only Truth ever, and if you pray and form a relationship with God, search for the truth. That proves your faith. Your faith is perfected as you search for the true God and what He says and what He says is in the Bible.
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The bible is only a writen book. Dont base your whole faith on the bible base your faith on the love you have for God and Jesus. I believe in God and in the bible but I rely mostly on my love for God. Faith = Love.
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Not everyone believes in Jesus, and there is no reason why the lives of those people are any less that ones of those who do.
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Like people have said before, the Bible is just a book. However, it is a book that an entire religion is based on: You can choose whether or not to believe it, and even then, you don't have to believe all of it. Many people have done so, choosing to love God in their own way.
Personally, the Bible is a sort of guide, showing you the first steps to opening your heart to God. After that, it is up to you. Because of personal experiences, I choose to believe most of what is in the Bible, and place all my faith in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
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Yes. I do. If you read it and ask God to help you, He will reveal his word to you. I know from experience. People will believe anything they read. But when it comes to the Bible, they are skeptical. Funny isn't it? It is true that the Bible was written by men. But they were God's followers and inspired by God. Some of the Bible was written by men who were actually with Jesus and give an account of his miracles and his life and his death and resurrection. It is revelant for today.
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I have to agree with many of the prior comments. And if you do base all of your decisions on the Bible, be sure you find the exact meanings and definitions of the scriptures root languages. For instance, Genesis refers the "The Giants" a few times and that word comes from the word Nephilim which actually means something like "sons of God" or "men from the sky" or something(I don't really feel like looking it up.) Where "Giants" came from, who knows.
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First I have a Question For You. Have you ever Read Bible?
For Old Testament:
Lord Jesus Himself Approved Old Testament part as accurate.
And There is no more need to proof for new testament if you have read Bible.

How To Believe It?
You can visit this website.

and If you need more...
You can visit
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Believe on what your heart the bible for learning and applying..have faith in God and pray to God to clear it to you why you must believe it..
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You just got to believe in god and jesus. You should just pick up the bible and read it. Good luck hope this helps!
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I believe a lot of the bible but not all of it. I believe in Jesus. There are some very screwed up verses though like The Lord will laugh at the punishment he gives them and gnashing babies against rocks and eating children. Umm cummon, that seems more devilish.  There are many good verses too though...

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