If You Are Not Supposed To Worship False Idols Before The Lord, Where Does Jesus Fit Into This? Forget That, Where The Heck Do You Get Off Using The Cross As A Symbol/idol?


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Well I am not that religious but I have opinions. I really wouldn't consider the cross as an "idol" is a representation  of the sacrifice that he made for humanity...which was dying on the cross for all our sins. I do not see this as worshiping a false idol because Jesus is God...which brings us to the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It was always explained to me that when stated a person should not worship false idols...that did not just apply to other different Gods. My grandmother told me...that it could mean many different things.. That a person lived and surrounded their life by. She said that a devout Christian lives their life by God and the Word...(bible) and some people get lost on their way and turn to a life of drugs, sex, violence, alcohol...etc. And she says that these things can be considered false idols....I do not know how true any of this is (of what my grandmother told me) but I figured I would share! =)
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People definitely worship money so I agree with your grandmother on some level, but many Christians turn to a life of drugs/sex/violence etc and many non-Chrisitans don't, just wanted to point that out :)
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It makes sense, Thanks Mcrfan87
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"Thou shalt not have any Gods before me"  That is one of the ten Commandments God wrote in Noah's day.  There is only 1 God & 1 God only.  Jesus wasn't born then.  The cross is NOT an idol.  The cross is a symbolization of Jesus Christ our Lord.  "nough said.
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Karen F.
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Uhmmm, Scrooge ... The dictionary definition of an "idol" is: An image or other material object representing a deity to which religious worship is addressed.

So, if "the cross is a symbolization of Jesus Christ our Lord" how is it NOT an idol?
Gene wright
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There are other "gods" (little "g"), or at least they think they are. All come from satan, & fallen angels. People worship them, but it's like worshipping a rock, nobody sees, hears or cares, but they still do it. Just as the religion of ev-o-loot-ion. Any idiot believing (worship) in the ETheory will get nuttin out of it, execpt judgement from the one true God and then dropped into (you guessed it), hell fire.
Romans 10.9-13
Also, remember: JESUS LOVES YOU
Beth commented
1. How do you know that your 'God' is the right one and not any of the other 'gods'?

2.Evolution is not a religion or a belief it is fact.

3. I love that you say we'll get dropped into "hell fire" and "Jesus loves [us]" in the same comment. Makes total sense.
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Jesus died on the cross for our sins if we receive Him as our Saviour.
The cross is a reminder of that.
Jesus created the world (Genesis). He is not a false God.
Three persons, one God=Trinity. (not 3 Gods)
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Gene wright
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We're not to understand now, just believe it.
Three persons (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit)=trinity.
Check out bookstore for books to explain.
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Silly Gvp, you don't have to understand something, you're just meant to believe in it! "But how do you know what to believe in if you don't understand it?!" I hear you cry! Erm... Well... (cue stereotypical religious answer about God's will/guidance/superior knowledge).
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Actually trying to help instead of laughing... Anyway-

It is hard to explain because when the idea was formed there was a more appropriate language and culture for this concept. This is my interpretation of teachings at my school/church (so you're talking a good few years ago)-

It's as if God's character/soul/substance (whatever) was embodied by three separate entities, each representing a different side to the Character/soul/substance and carrying out 'His' wishes... Sort of make sense?
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"Religious worship is not directed to images in themselves, considered as mere things, but under their distinctive aspect as images leading us on to God incarnate. The movement toward the image does not terminate in it as image, but tends toward that whose image it is." Thomas Aquinas
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Yeah, but to be fair they also aren't supposed to kill people, steal, rape, molest children... So really I think they're par for the course.
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The Instigator
The Instigator commented
Can you please expand your thoughts on your gibberish?
Gene wright
Gene wright commented
I'm with Jackyl. Expand more.
If you're talking about Christians, you sir, are wrong.
Try the word catholic for killers, etc. And then you'll have it right.
Read some history.
Zaphod  Beeblebrox
I have "read some history". Christians of all denominations (in the past, and still many today) are guilty of these crimes. Do I really have to point out that Catholics are Christians? There are plenty of people who consider themselves Christian that murder, rape, steal, et al.
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It is supposedly a symbolization or representative of Jesus Christ. I do not believe in Christianity either way, though it is a good question. I wouldn't call it false, but it's ironic.
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That's just it Joe,a symbol.Some thing to help keep your concentration,(well in my opinion any way ) lol.And I'm a catholic
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Pagan images are merely earthly
symbols of the Powers That Be.
Things like Maypoles, (Easter) eggs,
(Easter) bunnies and Yule Logs
are just more of those symbols.
They just aren't the 'right' symbols
or the right 'Power That Be', even
though the 'false' idols (gods)
have been around longer than
the modern image of the cross.
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The cross is the old pagan symbol for the Vernal Equinox, when Winter crosses to Spring. The real historical Jesus who was a rabbi and had disciples, was stoned to death on the eve of Passover, which occurs at that same time. So, Jesus died 'on the cross', but not a physical cross. Note also that the Romans used T or X shaped crosses, never an upright cross like the Christian symbol.  And what about all those statues of Mary you find all over Catholic Churches - are they not false idols, for they are certainly worshipped and prayed to?
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Anonymous commented
Excellent point, I notice a lot of Mexican people tend to have "virgin" Mary statues.
And the Romans didn't do it through the palms but through the wrists, correct?
Thanks Madmacstew
The Instigator
The Instigator commented
Statues, images and the crucifix are not prayed TO as would an idol. They are there so as we pray we can be reminded of the person they represent. When you salute a flag you are not saluting the flag itself but what the flag represents. X or T shaped crosses, you seem to only be interested in the external signs of religion and give no regard to the spiritual. For some one who is an atheist, you seem to have an enigmatic interest in religions. I believe you are a closet Christian, come out Mac.
Beth commented
Hi Gvp, the hand is usually not physically able to support the weight of the body when nailed to any surface, whether that be X shaped, T shaped or YMCA shaped.

Many people do pray to Mary (and to various saints; St. Christopher when a family member goes travelling for example) and even if they pray to a symbol that represents Mary and believe they are praying to her, isn't that still a form of worship to someone other than 'God'?
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Well, it may not be a false idol, but it certainly meets the definition of an "idol".  (Joke: (Q) Why is it a good thing Jesus wasn't killed in modern times? (A) Because if he were killed in modern times all the Christians would have to wear tiny little electric chairs around their necks! Hee hee.)
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Monica Smith
Monica Smith commented
WOw...that joke was pretty funny but at the same time really disturbing! =(
Beth commented
It's funny but it's less disturbing than the crucifix to me, I know being electrocuted to death isn't all fun and games but given the choice between that and crucifixion? Charge it up boys!
Gene wright
Gene wright commented
Or wear a tiny noose around their necks.
Or a tiny gas mask.
Or like the cat-hol-ics, crossing their self all day.
OKOKOK, that's enough.

(but, I'm His favorite)
I know, I know, I'll hear about this
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Miranda Innaimo , disciple of Christ , answered

First of all, Jesus IS LORD; he is the Lord of Lords, King of Kings. There is no separation from GOD and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit; they are the same entity, the same being, but in different forms entirely connected. 

This is why what Jesus did on earth, mainly on the Cross, is so important, because Jesus (100% God, 100% man) took on the sins of mankind, and therefore for a moment, separated Himself from his Father. This is why Jesus Christ said, "Why have you forsaken me?" because in that moment, Jesus was the filth of humanity- our every evil thought, action, and word- and therefore no long in one unity with GOD ALMIGHTY.

Some people worship the cross more than the man who died on the cross to give them eternal life.  Some people act like Jesus Christ is still upon the cross, or that He needs to die again and again to make up for their sins.  Some people say "please forgive me for this sin," when really, they should repent (as in change their ways through the powers of GOD) and understand ALL of their sins- past, present, and future- have already been paid when he died once. He lives now.

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