Do you ever find that life sends you little messages, and you always understand them? And if so, would you like to tell one? 

Example: My friend Dianne in Iowa had emergency surgery last December; not expected to live, and then uncertain if she would ever walk. 
And this is the letter I just received from Dianne: “The day before my surgery, a beautiful, white-breasted owl sat on my railing – turning his head all the way around for ½ hour! And I knew that I would not only live, but I would walk again.”    


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Here is another: Sometime in the 1980's, a matriarch of the Nisqually tribe was dying and she went to the hospital just for comfort. And soon, eagles began to gather. They kept coming until there were twelve...even made the local newspaper, never before seen in downtown Olympia, WA. They stayed until the elder died, then flew off.

Finally someone got the idea to ask her family, who had come every day for drumming and prayers..."Oh yes, our mother was of the eagle clan, and the eagles came to guide her soul home."

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I tend to find a message in most of nature . . .

We have bird feeders in our back yard. A tufted Tit-Mouse must of misjudged because it hit our French door window very hard. As soon as I heard it I went out to find it. It was laying still and in an odd position in the frosty grass. I thought it must be in shock and if it would have a chance I needed to warm it up . . . I rubbed my hands together briskly to create as much heat as I could (I had just been indoors washing dishes so my hands were already hot from the water) . . . I gently picked it up careful to not move it's little neck, and put one had over the other cupping him inside. I then did my best to focus on my hands and try and keep them warm  . . . After about 3 minutes I thought it might be dead when it twitched against my palms . . . I slowly opened my hands keeping them close, but not cupped . . . It took the bird another 5 minutes to right itself and then sat on my hand absorbing the warmth and clearing it's addled head . . . I then put it on the highest bird feeder and within 2-3 more minutes it took flight and flittered off into the woods . . . I snapped a shot of it with my phone once I could move my other hand:

The message?

"Kindness, isn't just reserved for humans . . . We reach out and provide warmth with our words and our touch, and it may be just what another life needs at that moment to get through a tough time." - DM

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Virginia Lou
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DarkM tears in my eyes as i read perfectly beautiful your understanding.
Virginia Lou
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...and like Tiger Paws me too, it's going in my special ASK file, I am presuming your permission.
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I have ways known you are an extremely special person---
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As a father, I have always tried to provide my children with various small and large unexpected breaks in the normal routines of life to provide them support, insight, understanding, and pleasure.

In the last 20 or so years, I have become aware that my heavenly Father (God) delights in doing the same thing for me.

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It's like the tide coming in----too many water molecules to contemplate each one, but the overall effect is to "float my boat" to constantly higher levels.

The tide occasionally ebbs to allow me to consolidate and adjust, but the wrack line is ever higher.
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Dear DarkM, I worried a little bit about posting this Q...concerned about possible divisiveness ... however my heart was so full upon receiving this letter from my friend... and your posting about the little tufted titmouse was so very lovely, precisely relevant in your own special concern evaporating.
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Nope. I'm pretty dense on the subject.

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Life's an enormous semaphore and, if we choose, we can find messages in all manner of places. I'm not going to talk about my own experiences but will post a short poem from George Russell, an Irish mystic and a genuine polymath, who wrote under the name of "A.E."

FAR up the dim twilight fluttered
Moth-wings of vapour and flame:
The lights danced over the mountains,
Star after star they came.
The lights grew thicker unheeded,
For silent and still were we;
Our hearts were drunk with a beauty
Our eyes could never see.

I've been there.

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You can probably download a free version from Project Gutenberg
Virginia Lou
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you have no idea how much I have used that fascinating website since learning about it (from you of course)
Virginia Lou
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Dozy, I just found a response from LTR...Lifted Truck Redneck! She has not been on for a while...

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