Should I Marry A Girl Who Is Not Of My Religion?


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It is said that suggesting someone good thing is also a virtue. So I think it is very appropriate to give you the right kick in the right direction about the relationship. You have asked that if it is alright to marry with a girl not of your religion.
In fact this thing depends a lot upon your society, your community, and your religion as well. You may read it with amazement but it is true that some of the world religions do not allow a person to marry outside the religion of the follower of the religion. And some does not stop from it. So taken all the consideration you must see what would be the behavior of the girl you wanted to marry, what would be the behaviour of your society and community will help you a lot in taking this tough decision.
Here I can suggest you something thinking that you would understand my logic. I suggest you to marry a girl of your own religion because it will make your relationship long lasting and you will have a better understanding of your life partner. Due to the same back grounds of the religion. But if you do want to marry a girl from some other religion then you must prepare yourself to adjust according to her. And she also needs to do this. And this may take some time. But you can do it. I hope this thing is very clear. And now you can take some decision.
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Mostly it is not considered good or appreciates able to marry the girls who belong to other religions. You may belong to any religion but only those marriages are acceptable, which are made in the same religion and in the same system of the society. Even the religious people who are well aware of the teachings of the religion do not absorb those marriages, which take place in other religions. So far your question that should you marries a girl who is not of your religion can be explained like this.

Islam is the only religion that permits the men to marry the girls of other religions. As a Muslim I believe that the permission given by Islam, you can go for marriage to the girl of another religion but she will have to become Muslim before marriage or even after the marriage. I don't know to which religion you belong. If you are a Muslim, you can marry a Christian or Jew girl. The only condition is that you can't marry a girl who is non-believer because Islam does not permit to marry non-believers. So I can say it is very much permissible to marry a girl who belongs to another religion and comes in the circle of Islam after marriage.
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I know religion is an issue, but it shouldn't be.
If two people love each other enough and that's what they both want (to get married), that they're both willing to make sacrifice like any other couple, I think it's they're right to do as they please.
For me they're is only one god, it doesn't matter what religion you're in it's love that counts.

Good luck with your choice!
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If both of you are quite cooperative and understand each other, then there will be no problem in marrying her. When problem of praying in the house arrive you can follow your own and she can follow her own religion.
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I married outside my belief. And I thought love could cover anything. That sounds good and all, but that is selfish thinking. Our families are also involved in our choice of religion and a marriage partner. If you are not strong in your beliefs and she isn't, then go ahead. But If your beliefs are strong, then you will run into problems for all your married life.

Holidays,baptism, birthdays, etc... will be a problem. Today most people tolerate anything. But this is not so for people who strongly aphold bible standards. This is a conflict. their are God's standards and there are man's standards. Which are you. Do you tolerate others beliefs if this involves you? When you are married and the desire of the flesh has kind gone, A citation like birth of child, brings Godly views all of a sudden. Now the problems you thought you wouldn't have , has now hit you. This is a serious decision not one to be taken lightly. Really consider everything and don't think that if it worked for others it will work for you. There was a real life story of a man who had a ring in his ear and it wouldn't go away. He tried to commit suicide. he shot his head and actually shot the nerve that caused the ring. He survived and now has a normal life. What are the chances of that happening? one in a million? Would this work for everyone? I wouldn't take my chances of this working for me just cause it worked for someone else. would you? Marriage is a covenant between you ,your wife, and God. You biblically can not get a divorce unless you have proof she cheated on you or your physical life is in jeopardy. It is that serious, unlike what people today feel is right. Their standards are not the same as God's. They change marriage partners like toilet paper. Any how any decision in life should be done with scriptural view in mind. That's harder, cause today anything goes and people don't care. Ever hear misery loves company? People feel good when others make the same stupid mistake they do, and when others make sound decisions they don't like you. Its your life and you only have one. Make the best choice. Remember LOVE means you put the interest of others first and not your own. marraige involves both sides of the family and any children you bring in this world.
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My brother-in-law was a different religion when he married my sister. They have been very happy for 26 years, have two great kids, and I don't see any end to it. They have always had similar interests and still do. He was freely accepted into our family and she into his. Without any pressure from anyone he willingly converted, but that was never really an issue. As a matter of fact, the kids are very well-rounded and have learned extraordinary tolerance, benefiting from a diverse home life.

In the end the decision is yours and nobody else's. If the two of you are compatible and love each other, go for it.
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It doesn't matter what religion she is or you are. If you truly love her then you should marry her. You can believe different things and still be happy together. If you argue about your different religions then you shouldn't because you wouldn't want to be in a relationship where all you care about is what he/she believes in or doesn't belive in. If you are planning on having children then you should talk about what they should be but remember to let them chose what they want later in life.
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Realize that a difference in religions can cause conflict.  You can ask potential spouse if they are willing to change religions.  Then again, I have heard of marriages where both are active in their own religions and the couple gets along just fine.  You need to really think about this before marrying someone of a different religion.  Also, need to sit down and have a heart to heart w/the person you intend to marry.  If there are children, how will they be raised?!  There is a lot to consider.
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I would ask her if she is willing to change. If she is, then yes; if she isn't then no.

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