Can one sided telepathy possible?i.e u try to send thoughts to someone who may not accept it?


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lee burnham answered
Yes this is deffo possible, I used to hear peoples thoughts back between 2001 and 2004 but since then I have had to take meds for an illness which I'm sure block out the telepathy.

I can tell you that I tried an experiment with my wife only 3months ago (unkown to her lol) I kept projecting the phrase "Give a dog a bone!" into her mind. Now after about 3hours she broke down and used the phrase whilst talking to me. Coincidence?, possibly, but I can say we have been married for 7years and I have never heard her use that phrase in all this time as I have also never used this phrase.

Me and my wife have got a very strong bond and connection though so I suppose it depends on you, the other person and how the pair of you percieve this reality and your awareness of this life and this planet....
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John Hamilton answered
Well if yours is powerful enough the person will have to accept it! Unless they have a shield against you..

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