How Do I Use Telepathy To Get Someone To Love Me?


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Using telepathy to make someone love you isn't simple!

Telepathy can be used to send 'loving messages' or warm feelings, but whether a person falls in love with you after receiving your amorous transmissions really depends on other factors.

How to get someone to love you using telepathy
If you're determined to get someone to fall in love you, then the best approach would be to use telepathy along with other methods.

If you're finding it difficult to express your love to someone, them telepathy can be used to get that message across.

Sending loving telepathic messages will get that person thinking about you, often in a positive light. However, if there isn't a physical attraction between you, then telepathic messages won't solve that little problem.

In my opinion, you'd do best to try and make an impression on this person in real life - and then use telepathy to remind them of you. Then they'll question why they're constantly thinking about you, and may eventually come to the conclusion that it's because they have feelings for you!

Be warned though, telepathy requires a high level of concentration and meditation. Often, sending telepathic messages is more work than making a physical move, which is why a lot of people opt to send flowers, chocolates along with written love notes!
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Get real dude... Find someone else!

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