Do you believe in making deals with the devil or 'Lucifer'? If so would does the 'Devil' get in return? Is the Devil really Lucifer? My friend says the outcome could either be really good or really bad.. But there's always a catch is ther not?


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No. It is very dangerous to make deals w/the devil.  It could cost you your soul.  It could cost you eternity, not going to heaven.  There is only one other alternative if you are not spending eternity in heaven. Believe me, you do not want to go there, eternal torture.
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People make deals with the devil to make themselves happy because they see nothing else in life that will give them satisfaction. But the devil is like a drug, you feel amazing the whole time but it's slowly killing you and everyone can see that. I feel bad for your friend, he'll feel the crash later.
The devil's original name was Lucifer, when he was one of God's angels. He was the most beautiful thing God had ever made. But Lucifer wanted more than that. He wanted to be better, even better than God. So he left heaven and took a third of the angels with him (which now are now his servants, called demons). Satan will try and entice people. He'll be your friend for a short while, but he's only gambling against God. He's trying to win against God, but who can win against God? Be careful when you choose sides; one is destined to win and the other to lose. Eternal paradise, or eternal torture? Happiness in life and pain forever, or work in life and rest forever in luxury? People get sidetracked by Satan because he's very distracting. He makes everything seem good, while making anything God-related seem awful and uncomfortable. But the real deal is in the Bible. Look in there, and you'll find the answers. P.S. There's always a catch with the devil. The catch is suffering forever.
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The devil is real, and there is nothing more he loves than making people believe he is not real, thats because if they don't believe in him, then they will not believe in hell, meaning when they die, they go to hell.

Forget all you have been told, follow Jesus, he IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN.

Romans 10:13..."Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord (Lord meaning Jesus) will be saved."

Acts 4:12...Salvation is found in no one else ( Jesus ), for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."
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If you believe in the devil he is lucifer he was an angel who was sent down to hell from heaven and he takes your soul in exchange for what you want but careful what you wish for beacuse he is known to trick people and give them bad deals that back fire and if you believe in hell and lucifer if you make a deal with him your soul gets burned and tortured for all eternity.
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I have been in some tight situations where God abandoned me so I had to make a deal with the Devil to get out and usually did. Hated it but was a matter of life and death, especially when I went where Angels definitely fear to tread
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So are theres life long deals? And what would the 'Devil' get in return?
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Sure there are always deals to be made with the Devil and he gets your soul in return
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Are we talking about fantasy related stuff? I do not believe in the existence of a "devil". But hypothetically speaking, from what I've read so far, what the "devil" usually gets in return is your soul. Yes, Lucifer (the fallen angel) is considered to be the devil from Christianity's point of view. I don't see how making a deal with a devil could have a hypothetically good outcome (unless it was a strange kind of movie attempting to be original). A catch? No... Just remember to read the contract carefully. But seriously, you don't believe in that stuff, now do you?
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Personally i am very skeptical I do not really believe in it but my friend claimed he made a deal with Lucifer for happiness and he said it's working cuz he's happy now but in a deal the other half always gets something in return, he doesn't know what it is so I was wondering about that whole he gets to keep your soul thing
Maria Not Telling
If she's chatolic or christain it fits with there religion so dont insult that she can believe if she wants

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