What Does My Dream Of Making Out With My Best Guy Friend Mean?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
I guess that depends entirely on how you feel about your friend in real life!

I think, deep down, you’d know if you liked him as more than a friend. If you have a crush on him – even a tiny one – there’s a good chance that your dream is just a manifestation of this. Maybe you’d like to kiss him, but you’re too scared to, so you’re dreaming about it instead!

What If I Don’t Have Romantic Feelings For Him At All?
Well, in that case, there are several ways you could interpret your dream:
  • Your best guy friend is your best guy friend for a reason – maybe he possesses the qualities you’d like in a boyfriend, and your brain is just experimenting with the idea while you sleep.
  • The kiss represents closeness, rather than love. Sometimes our dreams are weird like that – you might be making out with someone in your dream, but in real life, you just really appreciate their company!
  • You think he’s hot. Okay, you might not want to date him, but you might find him a little bit attractive!
Whatever your dream means, I wouldn’t worry about it too much – it can’t be anything bad!
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It could mean you are in love or it could just be lust. A guy that is your best friend could be just that, unless you know it's something else.
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April Victorine answered
If he is a best friend then it could mean that you two get along really well, and have a really good friendship, and maybe that is what you crave in a boy/girlfriend relationship, not necessarily with him - just he's your idea of comfort, and you may want someone like him as a boyfriend. Hope that helps.
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Maybe you should forget about the dream.

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