Is anyone doing a special Bible Study for the Lenten season? Or, a special Lenten devotional on your own?


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Awesome ideas Cheryle but not quite sure how you will pull it off especially the way Blurtit is being but have faith that if anyone can do it, its you so good luck with this one, and Ill help anyone I can even though I'm methodist so we don't recognize Lenten season
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Cheryle Masters
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Thanks for the vote of confidence. It is not up to me. If it is something God wants/His plan...than it will happen.
Arthur Wright
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I never even knew Lenten season existed until I married my wife who is Catholic, but dont ever recall anyone saying a thing about a Lenten season and it would have to be a huge cross for me to nail my sins on
Arthur Wright
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Thats very true but even the idea on here would impress God

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