Does anyone attend a Bible Study? What are you currently studying?


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Yes I study the Bible although I don't go to Church much, as most if not all religions and there leaders are liers. At the moment I am extensively studying Revelation, and looking at what all religions make of it. I have found that most religions look at it in a literal sense, and have there for got no idea as to what it says, or what it Means. I don't talk about religion that often as I have concluded that most religions care much more about money, than God and Gods words.
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Ray, this has saddened me for years!!! I have been a Christian since age 14 ( as a small child I always knew the Bible was true before I accepted JC). Most of the time I don't fit anywhere. God forbid you question a pastor/leader...they do not like it. Never mind disagree w/them. As God's people, we have a right to ask ?'s.
I do not believe blind obedience is healthy. If what we are being taught does not line up w/what the Bible...toss it.
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The 8th book of the Bible, Ruth; part of the book of Judges but separated to give prominence (being an ancestress of David) and Jonah, which is probably the best known yet the least understood. A prophet in Israel during the period when the first Olympic games took place in Greece. Now starting again from Genesis
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Yes i attend a bible study i was asked so questions and i can answer all so i was asked to find some questions

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