If You Have The Chance To See God Face To Face, What Would You Tell Him?


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Coming face to face with God would be an incredible experience for me.
Personally, I'd have to thank him for giving us all life, and for sending his son Jesus Christ down to us.

I guess it really depends on what you already believe about him- and I'm sure most of us would have millions of questions for him.

What would I tell God? If I could meet God and have a chat with him, there'd be loads of questions I'd be really curious to know the answers to. Here are a few I can think of right now:
  • How was the Universe created?
  • Are you happy with me?
  • What should I be doing differently so that I can please you?
  • What role did cavemen play in creation?
  • When will the world end?
  • What happens after we die?
  • What is heaven like?
  • What is hell like?
  • Why is there so much suffering in the world?
  • What will happen to people of other religions?
  • What will happen in my future?
There are probably a million more I would want to ask him, but I'll cut my list short.
Many people must ask themselves this question, and just thinking about it makes me really curious to know what the final reckoning will be like.
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Ummmmm well the bible kinda says God created the world in six days an it says he'll is a burning fire and heaven is perfect next time u answer a question do ur reaserch
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Can you turn your brilliance down a notch so I can see what you really look like.
Remember no mortal man can look upon God's face without dying literally.

Even Moses had to hide his face in the mountain(god literally shielded moses from seeing his face or he would have died right there on the mount)- side as God passed by letting him see his back side.if you don't believe this look it up in the bible.

Moses has asked to see the glory of God in visible form. God speaks of the "form" in which He will manifest Himself to Moses in what theologians call an anthropomorphism,106 which is a sophisticated way of saying that God speaks of His self-revelation to Moses in man-like terms.

Thus, God speaks of Moses as being able to see His back, but not His face. In the context of the passage this means that Moses will be able to see all of God's goodness, but not some of His other attributes.
The Bible consistently teaches us that no man is able to see God face to face and live.107 Had God granted Moses all he had asked for, Moses would have been struck dead by the presence of the living God. It is only in heaven, when we are rid of all sin, that we shall behold God face to face (Revelation 22:4).

Thus, God will grant Moses the privilege of seeing more of Him than he (or any other man to this point, I believe) has ever seen before. He will see part of God's glory, but not all of it. He will see, in human terms, God's back, but not His face.Verses 21-23 describe the provision for Moses' protection which God promises.

There on Mt. Sinai, there was a rock on which Moses could stand (v. 21). While he stands upon this rock, God will pass by Him in all of His goodness. God's hand will shield Moses from the full radiance of God's splendor (v. 22), much as a welding helmet filters out most of the brilliant light of the welding arc, or as asbestos clothing shields a man from intense heat. When God has passed by, He will take His hand away so that Moses can look upon a portion of His glory-His back side (v. 23).Let us not fail to appreciate the wonder and the honor of this revelation of God to Moses. While it was "only" God's backside it was all that Moses could survive, and it was more than any man had yet been privileged to see.

To see a little of the infinite God is to see much more than the mind can fathom. Moses will be dipping deeper into the bottomless well of God's infinite glory than man has ever dipped before, and yet he still will have but skimmed the surface of His splendor.
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I will l have to see if i can find that.
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Nope shes not wrong im actually in the chapter in the bible and she is correct

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Make all our family come alive again because i miss my grandpa :'(
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I would say I love You, but I tell Him that every day, so I'm good
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I would ask Him if He is able to sort out the pestilential daily morning traffic hold-ups on the London Orbital.
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Now that I can see you, I have no choice other than to believe that you exist.  According to the Bible no one can look upon the face of God and live to tell.
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One word: WHY?
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not possible at all, we cannot able to view through our naked eyes instead of that we can feel his energy.

If i feel him i would like to ask him 3 boons

They are:

  • Poverty should be destroyed by your grace
  • spread love everywhere
  • The universe is yours" then make this world without countries

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I don't think I'd "tell" God anything. I'd have a chat about the chronic suffering that occurs in 30% of the World.
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Lets see, I'm not sure if he's real but, if I did ever happen to meet him I'd tell him he really needs to do something.

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