If you had the chance to communicate with an alien world, what message would you like to send them?


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"I know your name might not exactly called "Alien "but humans have this habit to put names on everything, & i know you don't have black straight cat eyes with gray skin & super ability, it's all guesses & imaginations that humans created for mind games,business & political stupidity, i swear i know all that, but just any type of "alien" "human" or anything you are, try to send a sign to these humans down there, so they realize they are not a big deal & humans aren't something like a very big story, there's a million planets out there & there might be a thousand of breeds like humans only one of these breeds is called "human" that living on earth. There might a thousand other types on other planets. Just help them to understand that.

Thank you.

Your sincerity

Matt - from human world. 

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