If there were no restrictions, what would you like to do today?


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Well, let's see ...since your quest is about ONE day...this is it. I would like to stay home in my pj's and have a team of men come over to the house, till/add dirt/plant my flower beds to my specifications, powerwash my driveway and home, then get a very good housekeeper to help me pack up the stuff for Goodwill and clean my house. Also I would like to place more insulation in my attic, have a nursery come over and redesign my backyard adding more grass and an outdoor kitchen.....This would truly be Heaven.
I would even pay for it as long as these people would WORK and do the Job correctly. ...but there is a FAT chance of finding people who want to work and EARN money..
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Arthur Wright
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When would you like to set this up as Ill even come help Adrian and will work only for food, This is a very easy wish to fulfill and this is very doable
Karen commented
Immediately, but who will pay for the plane tickets to Louisiana?
Karen commented
Let's do it...I would be so Happy if I could get all of this stuff accomplished!! I've hired people and then they do a job half rear ended and then the ceiling cracks, etc come back. I am so tired of it all. So when are we doing this?? Lol
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Sleep. I haven't had a full nights sleep in so long that I can't even remember what it feels like.
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Sarah Johnson
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Lol this site is the least of my worries.
Anonymous commented
Sarah: Why do you think you may be getting these nightmares? (I do not want to specualate on that for myself)
Sarah Johnson
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My nightmares are flashbacks of things that have happened in my past.
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Cheryle Masters answered
Travel...see the world...all the things I have wanted to see for decades.  Not just read about them or see them on a documentary.
I would like to go to the Holy Land.  I would love to see old architecture all over the world.  I especially like old churches/cathedrals.  Due to studying Architecture/Art History in college and we own a construction company, I would find this a dream vacation.
Also, I would like to taste foods in various parts of the world that I have never had before.  Being 1/2 Italian and 1/2 German I would very much enjoy this!
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Arthur Wright answered
Take my Charger out in search of a 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL-1 cause its hungry for one as I just read itll 184 top end or the Chevy Corvette ZL-1 with a top end of 205, but they may beat me on gas mileage but not on speed especially when there would be no speed restrictions today
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Arthur Wright
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That baby turns heads for miles around when shes out but has the best shine youll ever see, less wind resistance too, Need a co-pilot though
Ray Ottewell
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Thats the way Arthur, go out in style :)
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I would tell everyone to get of their butt and destroy the world! No, I would never do that. I would just want to sleep all day, go on the computer, become a famous rock star, and meet all the celebrities. You guys would all get free tickets to my concert of course! 8)
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I think I'll put a lot of restrictions on a lot of things. But people won't like it if I become a moral dictator even if for a single day!
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I would actually want to go to a water slide and get soaking wet because the wetter the better for me. It is a sunny day today so why not do it? The experience of a water slide sounds fun to me.
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I would confront then fire all the incompetent dept managers from the company I work for.  They make good money "pretending" to know whats going on but don't know a damn thing about our re-manufacturing processes or the devices we service for Verizon, At&t, T-mobile, Boost, Pantech, HTC, and Sprint. 

I can't stand fakers! They talk a good talk but when "shit hits the fan" they turn into a mute and forward the workload at the very last minute to others with a ridiculous deadline.. In the long run it will catch up with them and they'll be exposed for the frauds they really are.

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