Did God Have A Wife, As I Never Hear Anyone Speak Of Her?


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No, not in the sense you are talking about, God is Spirit...
Bu, Jesus is the Messiah//Christ, all through old testament The triune God's plan was for him to take on the likeness of man,to redeem man back to himself, Jesus refers to his followers as the bride of Christ. His followers are the Church. When I say church, not baptist, methodist, catholic,
ect,but all people everywhere who have placed thier faith in Christ, and Christ alone.God calls the church his bride, So yes in sense all born again followers of Jesus are the bride of Christ.
In the future we are going to have ( Marriage Supper of the Lamb) I do not mean we are going to eat lamb, but become one with Christ all thru eternity
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No god doesn't have a wife nor an equal (that's from the muslim perspective)
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No, for the very good reason that God is female - and black!
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No. Since God is spirit. He would have no physical desire for a mate. And, as God is complete in Himself, He would have no emotional, mental, spiritual, etc. Need for a counter part or partner, in any other sense.
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Digby you are correct in the sense God is Spirit and would not have needs like a man and women
That is true....................................But as I read your comment do U imply God is above and beyond relating to man in emotion, mental, and spiritual level. That is the very reason Jesus became a man
and was in all points like a man, even in temptations, but without sin. God's plan to redeem humanity back to himself was to restore relationship consisting of emotion,mental,and spiritual
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God does not have a wife. He made us male and female in His image. He loves us and gave us one another. Why dont you check out this site it is about God being real. Its an experiment you can do to find out for yourself if God is Real go to hubpages.com and take the experiment, it will only take you a few mins.

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