I keep dreaming that im pregnant. Im creeped out cause im only 13 and I dont have a boyfriend or those thoughts at all usually... Why am I having these dreams?


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Layla Smith answered
Sometimes you just have weird dreams. I had a dream where I was pregnant once. Sometimes if you were talking or thinking about something even for a second, you can have dreams about it.
Zoe Stengel Profile
Zoe Stengel answered
When a female body starts to sexually mature, it is normal that you start to dream these things. Your subconscious is basically telling you that your body is ready for a baby, even if your mind is mentally and emotionally unprepared.

To dream that you are pregnant may also mean that something new is developing or taking place in your life. New ideas, new goals, a new way of thinking, etc. Negatively, this probably reflects upon a new problem that is developing or taking place in your life. It can be pretty weird, but your sub conscious is trying to communicate something to you.

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