Are There Any Good Vampires?


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I don't know. If your talking about the story tellers of the Vampire sucking blood. Than probably not. And yes, i believe Vampires are real and there is tons of historical evidence. What constitutes a Vampire from the Fairy tale makes all the difference. Im sure they are lurking somewhere. Hell, maybe the very Blood Donation Industries are secretly feeding Vampires. Or ran by Vampires. Cleverly it would become a smart investment.
Secrets are hardly revealed to people like us. But the imagination can go far, and sometimes unlock truths only we can understand. Not everyone needs to be convinced in order to believe something is real. Remember that., Most people are arrogant and ignorant of the Fairy Tales we hear. Kinda like Merlin and King Arthur. They did exist. Research the Arthurian Capstone, and tintagel castle. Go deep in it's research and you will find the evidence. But remember, you need not convince the nay Sayers, for they will always lead their life in blinded eyes.
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Yes.there are good vampires.they're a goth group who just hang with each other.they take their groups blood when they need to.some live a regular life during the day,and others live the vampire way during the day.they're good people.they just want to live their life in peace.they do welcome in strangers-but they say only join if you're isn't something to join because you're curious,or you're have to want to be a vampire,and stay with the group.
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I dont think their are any vampires
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Any that are dead are very good ones.
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I have just found one out he is called Silas from the film Perfect Creature, lol good answer
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Yes there are...but only in books. Vampires are mythical creatures which are dead but live on the blood of living beings. To be a vampire one needs to be dead, then alive.....since this is impossible for a human being, there is no talk of good vampires.
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Vladicus Filliet-Nul
Yes, it IS impossible for a human being. But see, the thing is, Vampires arent human. So....that kind of contradicts whatever point your trying to make.
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Yes, there are. Just as there are both 'good' and 'bad' humans. It depends on the personality and temperament of the being themselves.
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Yes but the good vampires are usually the half blooded ones or young vampires just brought into the vampire world.

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