How Do I Get Out Of A Cycle Of Nightmares?


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Try this, before bed, eat a high protein snack. Then go over every part of the dream. Leave nothing out. Dreams live in the subconscious. If you leave a dream buried deep away and try not to think about it: Up, it will float up in sleep. If you are thinking about it right before sleep it has no where to go but away.
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let's hope you are right. I can't get these dark circles under my eyes any lower, they're already down to my knees..
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When you wake up from a recurring bad dream or nightmare get a pad of paper and write in down in as much detail as you can. It worked for me. Hope this helps you!
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People can control themselves in their dreams.
If you realize that the same thing is starting to happen
try to change it at least a little bit each time it occurs.
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I am a psychic medium who also is able to tell what dreams mean. Now there are three types of dreams.. Predictive which tell the future.. Dream visits, which are dreams from someone who has crossed over or spirit guides and stress dreams..
These feel to be stress dreams. I could tell more though with more details of what are in the dreams.
Penny Clark Babson
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Is he a combat VETERAN like me? 40 years and a ton of women later and it has been over a year now! My boy when his friends came over said, "Shake my Daddies feet to wake him!"

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