What Does It Mean If You Dream Your Boyfriend Is Breaking Up With You?


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Dreams are not meant to be taken literally and are generally a sign of something else in a dream. The dream of breaking up with someone has nothing to do with actually breaking up with that person. It can mean a number of things.
The subconscious works in many ways and dreams are generally signifiers for things metaphorically.
The fact you are breaking up with someone is a signifier for completing something. If you have completed something in your life or have finished with a task or trial this may be just a signifier for it.
The dream may also mean that you and your partner have left behind something in your relationship and are breaking away from it. This may be a subconscious realisation on your part which is only manifesting itself in your dream.
If for example, you broke up with your ex in real life and the dream saw you break up with your current partner and get back with your ex, this is just your mind speculating.
Our minds do this to see how we feel about things by playing them out mentally so we can gauge what it actually is that we want.
The dream may also mean you have to work on your relationship. The best thing to do is to write down future dreams and purchase a dream interpretation book. Here you can write down and compare what your dreams mean to the book.
The best way for a healthy mind is meditation, healthy wholesome food and physical exercise. These three things will lead to balanced better decisions and easier understanding of your dreams.
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This is only becoz you love love him so much and you don't want to lose him, I think your fear of losing him is the cause of your dream... So dear stop thinking all these unnessecary things and fill his life with your sweet love and don't worry he will always be with you. If you start beleiving in these dreams you will definitely lose your concentration and your carings for him will decrease... So come out of dreams and step into the beautiful world of love where there is no place for fear or worry... Best of luck.
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I came to this site also looking for answers . When he woke up this morning to get ready for work he said I was whimpering and crying  but I was still asleep . I was dreaming that we had gotten in to a fight and he said its over . Well I thought we would just patch it up as always but he started being very mean to me . So I left him alone a while . When I saw him again he coming out of the bedroom he had been with another woman in there and he went to the bathroom and I followed him crying and he said "its over" And the last thing I remember was hitting my knees and feeling my heart being crushed by this man that I loved soooo much . End of dream . But he woke me up kissing my face and holding me and I told him my dream and he said he is never going to leave me . But I still feel hurt today its crazy !!!!!
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I've heard that it means you need to let go of something in your life, but I really hope it doesnt mean its my boyfriend. Because I really love him but I have recurring dreams that he breaks up with me and I wake up sad and confused and its all I think about. I'm scared
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Well don't be scared. If you are thinking about it in a negative way then it will happen. Your mind attracts your surroundings. If you think positive, positive things will happen! So think good thoughts!
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I had tha same dream but it was my fiancee in this case.. He left to iraq 7 mths ago and i gained weight prolly like 35 lbs and i been sad cuz im afraid hes gonna come back and break up with me cuz of the way i look... But he really does love me and i know it.... So most likely when you dream about that it means that your insecure about your self and your afraid of loosing him or her...
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I wont say that all dream don't come true because they do come true. And I will say you are in love and you are afraid and you need to be true to yourself and follow your heart and it will guide you!
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It means you have doubts about him has he done something recently to make you feel differently about him maybe he has done something that you disagreed with and in your subconscious your mind has picked up on this worry we all have doubts and feelings we can't explain why we are feeling this way or that the important thing to remember is your mind will throw spanners in the works for no apparent reason its just its way of protecting itself maybe this is what is causing you to have these anxiety's
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I think there could be two reasons first of all you could really love and you are afraid he doesn't love you or maybe you don't like him anymore and you want him to break up with you because you don't want to hurt him by breaking up with him.
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Maybe its a sign or maybe its just superstitious.... Follow you heart not your mind not all dreams come true you can't believe everything if you believed every scary dream you've had you'd probably be dead by now lol
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Dreams are often unconscious fears that come through in the REM cycle rapid eye movement, time when you are dreaming.  It may be due to your personal insecurities and nothing to do with the other persons feelings.  I once had a spouse who dreamt I was having an affair, and as he was waking, slapped my derriere and said I had a bad dream.  I woke up in shock and said hey, your dream is your dream, and  nothing to do with me.  LOL   We did get a laugh about it after, but sometimes dreams seem so real, it's unbelievable.  I was not unfaithful, but his nightmare was based on the fear of loosing me and had no relevance to what is real
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Insecurity...sound like that would lead to this,  but it's just a dream.  I wouldn't put too much into it myself!
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I have no Idea what it means...in faCt, I came to this site to find out what it means. And all I've come to realize it that it means something different fir every situation. I cam across one that I totally related to. That very one happens to seem the most realistic (to me).

It is what it is. But don't let it take over...dreams are cRazy! But to be honest...they have to come from our deep subconscious thoughts. Why else would our brain be able to visualize such situations...
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I too had the same dream! This is my dream:

"I dream of my boyfriend having an affair with a women I really don't remember her face then we had a very huge argument and I left the place it was so realistic that I could feel the way I packed my luggage lol". 

I got up from my dream it was 3.40 a.m I couldn't sleep after that later in the morning seeing me little upset he questioned then I told him about the dream!! 

He was laughing and told me that will never happen & he'll never leave me!! 

Anyways, I feel very afraid because most of my dreams comes true that too all the bad dreams!! I feel really bad!!

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It could mean you want him to break up with you, or you don't want him to, it matters if you were happy or not =s
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All dreams don't come true and sometimes your dreams doesn't always mean that it's going to happen to you it could happen to someone else that you know
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I had a dream like that a few weeks before my boyfriend broke up with me. It could mean that you are just terrified of losing him or it could mean that your relationship is going to end soon.

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