Who Is Your Favorite Biblical Character?


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If I had to pick one it would be hard, so I will say it is almost a tie, between David, and Jonah. Jonah is to me like Biblical Comedy. He is such a great example of real human behavior. God speaks to him and sends him on a mission, Jonah is rebellious and does the opposite. God sends a Miracle to get his attention, Jonah finally does what he is told, then he wants to point the finger and whine, when God spares Nineveh. Then there is David, who commits every crime in the book practically, tries to justify it, and finally repents, where God is Gracious to him and Why? Because David had a heart for God! God is gracious to whom He will be. Choosing to love and follow God, counts for a lot.
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I agree, Jonah is so much like us? ANd I love King David. It gives me hope that if GOd can forgive, and use a man who did so much wrong, He can use me too!
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And  Josiah took away all the abominations out of all the countries that pertained to the children of Israel, and made all
that were present in Israel to serve, even to serve the LORD their God.
And all his days they departed not from following the LORD, the God of their fathers.
King Josiah! His unprecedented courage makes him my favorite.
I believe he is a likeness of Christ when He returns!
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Yes- and the bravery of Joshua and Joseph (Old testament) read my statement- these old testament people the good ones, all seem to give a glimpse of King Jesus!
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Job is my favorite character. His unwavering faith is always an inspiration.
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yea, you know Job always is a good role model for us. i often read some of the book of Job after my husband died. i can related with Job in re: to his "friends" how they treated him. i went through stuff like that at the hands of fellow church members with whom i had been good friends! in one version of the Bible Jpb called them 'miserable comforters' boy i know that's right!
Pat Merrifield
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The evil which exists in many churches today surely must make the Lord very ashamed that these people claim his name in their actions.
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My favorite character if I were to only pick one would be God, because if He wasn't there no one would. But I like Jonah for what he did, Noah for his faith and everlasting trust in the Lord, Moses for just a good man he was, Jeremiah for his wisdom, Esther for her bravery, Daniel for his faith in the Lord, David for his bravery and for saving the Israelites, and Samson for his strength and his faith in the Lord, Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ for His love for humanity, love so much He died on the cross for us!
LOVE them!!!

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