Why Do People Justify Sin?


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The flip side to this coin is to ask the question; why do people impose the antiquated ideals of religion upon others in order to make them selves and/or their theism seem more important and/or better than those who do dont agree or share in said religion? Yes, there are specific universal laws which apply cross culture such as dont kill another person without just cause, dont steal from others, etc... However to cast these basic, universal, secular dogmas as some sort of spiritual decree... Well that is when we get into trouble and start doing things like burning witces and bombing abortion clinics.
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Monica Smith
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Dude isn't that a quote from Jay and silent bob? The pick up loose woman at abortion clinics? LOL Like from the movie Dogma!
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I'm pretty sure Jsheehy and I are the only people on this site who HAVE read the Bible.
Brock Samson
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I'd have to agree... Although it wasn't by choice!
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First of all, who is to say what is a sin. Some people say that
sex before marriage is a sin. Human beings are sexual creatures
so why is it a sin to have sex. There are people who say that
killing is a sin, why can someone kill a person and go to jail for
it,then someone kills say an animal just for fun, or hits a dog and
keeps driving it is ok. This sin thing kind of has a double
standard to it. So why do we justify sin?, because nobody really
knows what a sin is so there has to be some justification to bad
decisions that people make.
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Emanuel Watkins
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Thats a good psychological answer, but you just state opinion. I respect your view, but you still answer my question with concrete evidence. You are justifying your own desires and reveal yourself. People murder everyday, people have premarital sex EVERYDAY, dogs get hit and so on. So whats your point? That life happens? Im not perfect, I mess up but not on a sinful mind. I dont put myself 1st , but God 1st. That makes a huge diff. You are justifying something that you partake in and will..
Emanuel Watkins
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Not hesitate to defend your lusts and vices. Its totally your choice to do so, but dont try to pull out some intellectual bust you yourself came up with. Seriously, I am being sincere when I write this. You have NO authority from anyone but YOURSELF to sin and thats not saying alot. I have authority to live the lifestyle I live(holiness) by the grace of God and fith in Him. Notice I dont shun you but I will definitely speak correction. If you dont agree, I pray that you will have a heart change.
brandie commented
Who defines sin, who is to say what is a sin and what is not a sin. You are right in that i try to do what i think is right. Now to me you sound like a self rightous sob who thinks you are better than those who do not practice religion. Let me tell you something though, god loves everybody no matter what, he does not look his nose down to those who are cruel or those that do not believe, and all you need is to accept that there is someone up above.
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Because their works are full of darkness or sinful and they will be exposed.
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So they don't impose guilty feelings upon themselves. But most of all, people justify it so they can continue doing whatever it is they're doing. Some also justify it because the word of god explains that we "are sin" ... Our flesh, our humanity in itself is sin.
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Because they are weak spirits ,that are caught up in the ways of the world. If it doesn't benefit them, then they have no problems sleeping at night...
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Well I don't justify sin, I justify my lifestyle. I am told that we are all sinners, there is not one of us that has not or does not sin. I will justify the way I live until the day I die. Not one other person in this world can judge me for how I live my life... They don't know, they will never live life the way I do, we are all different. Another thing, I hear so many religious people say that if you curse you go to hell... Blah blah blah. I can understand the GD and JC words, but other words like fk, & sht those words did not exist in the Jesus days. Shoot 50 years from now, society can make the word Fork into a curse word. I don't know, just many views from religious people are a joke.
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Emanuel Watkins
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You are so right. Religious people say and do the darndest things. But I can tell you this: As much as I love my God and wont go against His ways, I am not religious in any shape or form. Religious people make up rules along the way and they may be valid, but they only follow rules and dont live by the Spirit. Sin is sin tho. There is absolutely NO excuse for sin, and curse words are sin. Notice they are CURSE words, simply a curse. Death and life is in the power of the tongue (Prov 18).
Emanuel Watkins
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And your answer was another way of saying you justify your sin. You are selfishly upholding your "right" to sin. You have no right, but you have a choice. I dont say you cant sin, but you are axting like you have authority by someone other than yourself. Your lifestyle is yours, but dont put that in place of sin, b/c your selfish way of living for yourSELF rather than God is simply another sin. Living for God is not religious, but a heart thing. I desire, not try, to do right. Religion is stale.
Monica Smith
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No, I do not justify sin at all. I see where you are coming from, but you have no right to judge me, that is not your place. When the time comes for me to leave this world I will not have to answer to you. I know right from wrong and I know that I am not a sinner. =)

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