How Does The Church Of Scientology Get Enough Money To Run Subliminal, Well-made, Minute-long Ads Each Day On The Discovery Channel? I've Seen Four Just Today...


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All members of the church need to pay a LOT of money to the church for its "spiritual guidance" to learn about their belief system (tom cruise and the other celebrities are also a good source of income) if you need more info go to ask there they can explain easier than i
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Luke 6:24 says Woe to the RICh, but they pretend God lies.

Luke 6:20 ''Blessed are the POOR, their's is the kingdom of God. They can manipulate God's inspired words and find easy verses to use TOTALLY OUT OF CONTEXT and teach their congregation that PRETENDING to be POOR is good enough, like ALL RELIGIONS do.
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It's because of how their system works.  You buy in to their beliefs meaning that you pay an entrance fee.  Next you have the option of buying "higher levels of understanding" which are often contradictory to previous "beliefs".  To put the icing on the cake it is implied to members of the church that by willing your money to them and refusing life saving medical care you will get some higher standing in one of their many versions of the afterlife.
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You wouldnt want to know my friend they have links with the mafia and the underground from New York and the italian underground so its a long list of wanted groups who fund this organization
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Cause they got them famous actors giving them all their money. They pay all this money to obtain certain degrees of enlightenment, so the more money, the rich give em' the higher they are in the club.

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