What Was The First Thing God Made?


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The heavens and the earth and He separated the darkness from the light. All on the 1st day. Read Genesis chapter 1.
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Nothing. It didn't happen. That was a story made by a caveman who decided he felt rather small one day and wanted to show that he knew something. So he made something up and slapped a name on it.
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In the Judeo-Christian view of God, the first thing God made was the Heavens and the Earth, as stated in the bible in Genesis 1:1
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    i think god made heaven first  
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Now for the Truth:

In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth!
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Although god created the heavens and the earth "in the beginning" the beginning refers only to the beginning of the story of man. The first creation by god is made evident in Collossians 1:15.

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