If You Could Travel Back In Time To Witness Any Event In The Bible, What Event Would You Want To See?


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I think i wouldn't have survived His crucifixion. I had a hard enough time sitting through The Passion of Christ. And i've read much as to His suffering from His arrest to the way He died on the cross. I would want to be a witness to His resurrection. Maybe even be Thomas. I can only imagine the intense feelings he must have experienced upon recognition of his Lord and Savior. Gives me the chills. To see the fruition of the promise of the cross - the resurrection, that's for me!
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carol washington
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You have given the second event that i have been waiting to see. Allie93 gave one also. I'm waiting on one more. Thanks alwaysbp, your answers really touch me.
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I would like to see Paul walking on water, there is a great lesson to learn there.
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carol washington
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That was Jesus and Peter walking on water, but that would be a sight to behold. Matthew 14:22 - matthew 14:32.
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I think that anything would be cool to see but i really want ot meet jesus so either his birth or when he raised from the dead! I love the bible and i can not wait to meet jesus in heaven!
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I would like to see CREATION, from creation everything came forth, Adam and Eve, and the stepping in of our Saviour, and many other's Creation is the thing to witness.
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To be honest, it is difficult for me to answer this question, since I am not a religious person. But I know that I definitely saw heaven on earth when I was in the Maldives. It was beautiful there. And I decided to stay there for a couple of months. And a friend immediately sent me this source on which you can extend your visa and enjoy paradise on earth.

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I'd like to see the meeting of the dudes that invented the bible so i could smack them upside the head for inventing violent religions.
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greg c
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I have to say, Moses is going to be the LEAST of your worries my friend.
pha cue
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Right, politicians are far scarier...
Sja BenAlex
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The bible was not invented it is the word of God so you will have to meet God himself and when you see him face to face I do hope you are as vocal as you are now, but at that time silence, and fear will seize your being.

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