If You Could Do Anything And Know It Would Succeed, What Would It Be?


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Wow....well there are several things that I would love to do. I would love to open my own law firm. I always wanted my own flower shop also. I always wanted to start a school in Ecuador for poverty stricken children and be able to stay there to run it.
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I hope you will be able to accomplish them all in your lifetime.
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Thank you Iceblue~~ That would certainly be a dream come true!! I wish you the best also~~
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Wow, all the possibilities.... I have been thinking of writing a book. I have some written but the urge to write just isn't the way it use too be. It would be nice to own my own business of some sort as there are many things that interest me... Right now I just need something I can do at home to earn money...
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Win the lottery and have unlimited money would be nice, however, if I really had the promise that anything I wanted to accomplish would succeed then it would have to be beneficial to everyone.  I would wish that I could uplift everyone spiritually with the knowledge that Jesus Christ is important to their lives and not only in his promise of eternal life real but through his promise to show us how to live life more abundantly.  I wish that something I would write, as in a book,  or compose as music or even paint as a picture would make people feel God’s love for them in the very core of their being and that they would realize that we are all created different but specially unique as part of God’s wondrous plan..
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Great answer. Especially uplifting us spiritually and showing us how to live life more abundantly.
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I think I would find a cure for HIV and save all the African kids who are suffering it. It is just a heart breaking that when you know that thousands thousands kids are dying each single day.
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I would make sure my family and friends never suffer, are always happy, never have to live on the street and NEVER have to worry about money or anything like that!

I would give up anything for them, to make this happen i would die or be torchered or have my arms eaten by ants! I swear blind that i hate then but when i do I'm just saying i love them....in my own way! :-)
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I'd create a vaccine for Alzhimere's and save my dad :)
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Ohh...sorry to hear about your dad. I'll send him a prayer. I promise.
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Your sweet ,thank you. It's such a cruel disease.
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Mine would be to open a new cafe with my husband. We had one in the 80s and it was well known. We had great repeat customers, and even some that would spend over $100. Per day in there. It was great. But, my husband got attacked by a dog, and our partner shut it down because he didn't want to find a temp cook. That made us so mad. Moors the pity.
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Wow, I'm sorry to hear about the attack on your husband, tiggersmom. I hope some day you both can open up a new café. :)
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Aww, thank you so much for that. We might get it.
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Initiate a mandatory program for all people recycle their waste and become less dependent on mass produced non-degradable products. If I knew people would actually adhere to it, I would give all my effort towards education, solutions, and implementation for it. If I knew this would surely succeed, it could only pave the way for similar programs.
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Leap throught time... Just once...!!
That would be it!

more realistic...
To own a big piece of lan very very big and do agricultrual activities, like veg , fruit growing and farming...without chemicals...!

Because if i own this land.... Which would be big.. There wont be any construction and activities that can abuse nature... So i can create an environment to produce more oxygen.... And lessen Global warming(a little)
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This is a positive version of the question "If you could do anything and know that you'd get away with it, what would it be?"!

I think that if I knew the answer to this, I'd be doing it right now.  

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I'll buy the Lotto so I'll so many millions.  Retire and do what I want to do to help my family and mankind.
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Thank you Iceblue~~ That would certainly be a dream come true!! I wish you the best also~~
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Thank you Lilly3.
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1) find a cure for, like, everything
2) bring my uncle back to life
3) be in camp rock!!!!
4) be a famous chef
5) meet the jonas brothers
6) many many more
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I like your no3 and 5.......LOL
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Ummm good luck with that deary.

Find cures for everything=impossible
bring ur uncle back to life=diffidently impossible
be in camp rock= what the heck??
Be a famous chef= could be with confidence and pratice :D
meet the jonas brothers= maybe u could if you go to disney land
many many more= wow you are a hopeful person
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I would give all the members of parliament a job where they would have to earn their money properly just like we have to.
They go on about people on the dole.
And single parents . This country is in a mess due to these ....
Well i would give these a factory job on piece work and let them earn their money. This is the thing that i would love to do And then run the country the way how it should be...

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I have this invention in mind
It involves a laundry rotary line that has a self propelled mechanism which means it would not have to rely on the wind to dry clothes outside effectively
it would ultimately mean less usage from tumble dryers saving on electricity and of course money for the consumer
If I had the funds to do something more tangible with this idea I would be a very happy man indeed as I have other ideas which I think would work and be a success as well.
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I would like to become a doctor or a traveler
if not i have ALWAYS wanted to help suffering kids in africa and all the the places that need help from people if i did this i would be proud of myself and hope others will be proud of me also =)
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Hey I would open my own Computer Coaching Classes, for Programming. Perhaps I am opening it in 15-20 days. I would train my self more and more each day and share every bit and bytes of knowledge to the students. I would create such courses for them so that every student would benefit from it.

I would also like to design and Implement a small Temple near my house. It gives me peace within. Similarly, it would work for all he people.


In my widest dream, I would like to work with the man and the company who created a beautiful and Simple Language - Java. Sun Microsystem is the company and James Gosling is the Man...      
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Become president. XD

No, really, I have no idea. A person can succeed at almost anything they try if they fight hard enough. Me, the only thing I want to succeed at is get through college and open up my own business.
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Hmmm...Take Loan from bank, Invest in some big businesses like GSM companies or Microsoft etc and since you said of succession, that means I'll succeed and will face the BIG success!
Thats the only fantasy, I can mention-lol!
Other one is secret!

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To compete with the dreamers Bill Ayers and Osama bin Laden,Most schemes to save the earth from military aggression aren't, it seems. It's not exactly a soft target, the Pentagon. It's only proper to blow it to smithereens.
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Without any barriers, able to do whatever I wished, I would instill in every person a sense of their worth so they wouldn't feel the need to prove it to anyone, nor feel a sense of competition in what they can and do offer.  Whatever their gifts, I would wish them to have ample opportunity to demonstrate and be acknowledged for them.

I believe every person has a part in the whole of what we are.  EVERY person has gifts; every person should have the opportunity and acknowledgment of them, for together, without ego and competition, we make a perfect whole.
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I would go to college in tokyo(or canada somewhere)
and to learn and study animation. I want
to make my own anime :)
i find it hard to believe alot
but confidence kicks in
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Start up my own 50's Show Band , I played in one years ago and I just loved it

Super question Chris

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