If You Could Hold God Accountable For Anything, What Would It Be, And What Would The Punishment Be?


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I would hold him accountable for making my ex-wife and his punishment would be to live with her for eternity ...lol...No but seriously it is not his fault ...I am just trying to be funny
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If there was a god (as in the Christian God) and he is as described in the Christian Bible as being omnipotent and omniscient then I would hold him accountable for all the children on this planet who have ever suffered. And his punishment would be to feel their pain and confusion and guilt and terror forever and ever, amen.
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Well, I guess I would hold the Men responsible for the Concept of God to be so readily pushed in our culture. I wouldn't Blame the men who first wrote about God, but those who USED what would and should have gone to myth like so many other "supernatural" religions as a means to control and mold mankind's future through fear and ignorance.

To those men I would exact the same vengeance on them they saw fit to do to those whom went against the church's nefarious plot back in the age of darkness.

No punishment for a concept, but punishment for those that pushed the myth and kept it alive through fear and indoctrination.

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Jaimie  JT
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Perfect answer
Darik Majoren
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I can't very well hold a "Concept" responsible for all the things wrong in the world, but I can see How without this concept forced upon the masses has retarded our growth as a world that is supposed to be embracing humanity . . .
Thank you for liking my ramblings . . . :)
Darik Majoren
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Oops Drop "without" from "How without this concept forced upon the masses"
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I would hold him responsible for all those "acts of God" the insurance companies use to wriggle out of their liabilities.

Then I would sue God's representatives on Earth (by whatever name) to cough up, out of their coffers, to pay for the damage.

Then I'd sit back and start counting to see how long it would take the churches to have their tame politicians change the law so that the insurance companies could once again be held responsible.

Ah, if only... :(
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I would puish him for making heat!!!!!! And how would I punnish him I would force him to spend all of time in the senter of the hottest star^_^ it might not be resanable but it would be fun!!!!!
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Well if there is a God then there is also a Devil, so why can't he/she be responsible for all the evil in the world?. If you read your Bible you will see that in Revelation God announced that because mankind crucified Jesus, He would ignore mankind for 2000 years before he would intervene in their lives for better or worse. Waken up folks the time is nigh.
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Zaphod  Beeblebrox
Wouldn't that mean that God's running ten years late?
Meta Forrest
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No because Jesus was not crucified 2000 years ago. Scholars got it wrong in the past when they tried to date Jesus' birthdate they were at least 43 years out with their calculations. Hope this makes a bit clearer for you.
Stewart Pinkerton
Interesting claim, since the date of his death is pretty well fixed - even though of course he wasn't crucified, but stoned to death by his own people. And we know that Paul was executed by Nero, which is a very small time window.
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For letting me be born...(yet again)!!! Into this lifetime!!! After showing me all his mighty wonders and love, and yet (again)!!! Placing me in a world with a mother who is atheist and a father who cared to have no voice in regards...as far as punishment for his actions? I guess it would have to be none. Because i'm not a person of punishment. Not even for the results & hardships of all my (life/lifes) in which i've had to endure the pain and jokes because of all i know and all i am.
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I would hold him accountable for the actions he took in the old testament and punish him according to his own rules and regulations.
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I never thank God for anything so it seems only fair not to blame him either.
But if I could hold him accountable for anything it would be for creating humans and his punishment would be to live and die as one.
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Okay first i wouldn't hold god accountable for anything. People bring things upon their own selves so no one can really blame god for anything.
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Just curious, would you ever thank God for anything? If people cause all the bad surely they are the only ones causing the good then right?
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First of all i thank god for letting me be able to wake up every morning! And No! I beleive gods only begotten son died on the cross for our sin and all the bad things are cause by people themselves.
Karen F.
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Really? How does a 2 year old bring cancer on herself? Please do tell.

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