How Do You Kill A Very Powerful Werewolf Who Just Cannot Be Stopped? How The Heck Am I Supposed To Bring Him To His Knees When He's Supposed To Be The Most Powerful Werewolf On The Face Of The Earth? Please, I Need Answers. The World Depends On It...


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Only one way to kill and werewolf
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Good thing I found this as you can read on my profile page I'm a fantologist and I'm a werewolf so I can ofer some asistence hopfully it's not to late but here is what you do
1. Find out whattipe of werewolf he is for example one type of werewolf can only be hurt by silver and eats only raw meat.
2. Fined his weakness like in the example stated above the weakness would be silver
3. Get the calvery here is were you get a group of people to bring him down as the most powerfull werewolf you'll need at least three vampieres armed with silver.
4. Fight
more to come
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Masurao nonofyourbuisness
As I said I would be back if you can fined his weakness your good but if worse comes to worse just ask on here for a place to hide until you get a new reformed plane and I will get you somewhere safe with a fantologist like me.
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You Use Silver Bullets .. This Has Always Worked Because Silver Represents Power. Silver Bullets Can Be Made By Melting Anything  That Is Pure Silver..
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Let me sey kill him with a gun and do it agen and agen till its dead
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Oh god thats a hard one.. I hope fire dosnt but no how you feel we got problems here in england and we only got me, my boyfriend, and my freind.... That the and the wolf we carry :)

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