Is Pat Robertson (the 700 Club Founder And Self Appointed Star) Really A Moron Or Is He Just Getting Old And Feeble Minded?


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I think he is dead on most of the time.he has studied more about the bible than most will forget and he knows most of haiti is still practicing voodoo. Scrying with bones.and as far as the gay and lesbian agenda we can see how america is being affected by their special interest groups trying to force the idea that 2 of the same sex can procreate and bring forth life in a marriage under the laws of God.the taxation part is on the theory that if the government starts taxing the rich /cutting into their bottom line they would just sell their business off and part it out shutting off not only resources but jobs supplied by their companies. Basically the people creating these companies would find other easier more expedient ways of making profits instead of running companies that need workers.the base line of supply and jobs no demand for workers no workers no income no income no taxation off that income.(circle of life).i have not heard the one about equal rights.maybe that was misunderstood as i believe his wife is sitting right there with him and they work on the same show and discuss how his show and segments are to be aired.maybe it is the fact that the homosexuals are trying to use race and marriage as a stepping stone to gain traction in their fight for equal rights given to women/families married under the laws of God and this land while trying to claim race status for their choice to live their lives that way.i would believe if pat robertson was becoming mentally ill he would retire from his network and let others take over the future running of his telecommunications empire. Just as billy graham has let his son take over.
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Even the government knows they messed up by not regulating business and trade between the countries and now the world is seeking it's own levels as water does when released from a contained area so is with the businesses and the taxation of these companies.the point being if they try to over tax or the rich perceive this to be unfair just as in the past they will find legal ways(loopholes) around it. As i am not a millionaire,billionaire,trillionaire i do not know the levels of taxation. Cont-
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In other words i do not know if pat robertson was referring to his individual accounts(book deals) or his collective telecommunications empire and college .in other words i don't know why he would be fuming about taxation if his accounting department was paying the required taxation each year.even warren buffet said they need to revamp the taxation for the rich. Cont-
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I guess the big question is what does pat robertson know that we do not.the big question is what and where will these new found taxes that want to increase taxes go to when collected.will they dissapate into the pockets of the government officials or will they actually make it to the local government programs to aide the other words what is the real reason why they want to tax the creators of wealth and jobs more now than they have in the past.
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I don't watch these shows, because I really don't see all the truths in there that they say are there. Televangelism has never been something that I supported. I have always felt a lack of trust in them for how they approach the world. I don't know why. No, I am not possessed by the devil either!!! Lol
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Well, I don't like to put people down. Of course he's getting old, but I've not seen too much feeble mindedness, but then again I don't watch the show that much only when I run across it. What spcefically are you talking about? My off the cuff opinion of Pat is a conservative and pretty smart fella, not to mention a man of God who's ministry has helped folks. What is troubling you little buddy?
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His remark that Haiti made a pact with the devil to accomplish independence and that is why they got hit by and earthquake. How the entire infrastructure of America would collapse if they tax the rich the same as they do the poor, and his statements about women who support equal rights being witches, lesbians, and communists.
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Well he is getting older, but he's always had some pretty goofy ideas.
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Never followed him nor looked to him as a leader or teacher, he is in the flesh as I am, that makes him no better than I, perhaps the real wolf is starting to show, it is and was all about money....

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