Do You Believe There Is Anything To The Greek Zodiac? I Am Not Talking About Horoscopes? I Am Asking. Do You Think The Traits Of The Various Signs Are Generally Consistent With Those Born Under Those Signs Or Is It Just Myth And Vague Generalities?


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I think it's utter rubbish, but OTOH I am a typical Capricorn (shrug).
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Merlin Paine
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My daughter is a Capricorn. She is very hard to decipher. Thanks Madmac
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You're not a typical Capricorn. Doesn't the typical Capricorn look like a horse and have a long pointed horn protruding from its forehead?
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MAD MAC, the comment below Socrates is meant for you.
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I don't believe life is predestined in anyway. There are no ways to predict the intangible qualities we may have in the future.
I point to the fact that Mozart was born on the same day and month as me - but we have nothing significant in common.
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Merlin Paine
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Yes me you and Mozart were born on the same day and month. I would argue that you may have more in common with him than you think. The strongest argument against the zodiac is Sarah Palin who is an Aquarius. So much for us being the geniuses of the Oh and thanks for your answer.
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I had to look up her birthday.... That is disturbing :)
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Each sunsign is a basic generalization of your main personality. The
finer details that make you are in your entire chart. I'll give you an
example that happened to my Mom recently. My uncle had a liver disease
and was at risk of death. My mother usually never consults astrology in
any way rather than merely talking about it, but she talked with an
Astrologer about help for her brother. Good Astrologers never tell you
your true fate, if they tell you you're going to die tomorrow you might
just end up killing yourself to it. The astrologer gave her a date,
Something like July 28. If my uncle passed that day and survived, he'd
live till 80. On that exact date, my uncle died.There are many more examples that have happened to me. Many people claim to be astrologers, but do not truly know it. There are different forms of astrology from different religions, and it is sometimes combined with numerology. It saddens me to know that people think rubbish of this Ancient way. I find it ignorant of people to make judgments without actually trying to understand in depth.
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Merlin Paine
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Yes that quite something my questions was just geared toward general traits and not predictions of any sort .........Thanks lina
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Well my friend, first of all I am a believer in God and that's all I'll say about that for now, in the interest of answering your question. About 20 years ago, I read a book called "Linda Goodmans Sun Signs" (still have it, just went in the closet and looked) (I'm an Aries) Anyway it describes for example the aries man,aries woman, aries boss, friend ect.ect. At that time I found it to be amazingly close in similarity to myself and others that I knew (if I knew their sign)  But, we are all greatly a product of our experiences, as well as our genes. There are similarities in signs I think, But I NEVER read my hororscope because that is a whole big bunch of bull #%^&. People want something to believe in because they are afraid of God, which proves that they should seek him and see what happens. OK UFO'S. Are there ufo's? Of course there are. Do they come from other planets or galaxy's? NO!!!!! It's just top secret stuff that's all. But folks want to believe. Am I making sense to you? Let me know dude ok?
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Merlin Paine
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I just ask the question as a fun thing really not to serious and I added in my question the fact that it did not pertain to horoscopes because really I don't know a sole who takes them seriously ....but thank you very much for your answer and I do see your point
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Ok dude. I may have gotten too serious about it, life has kinda been that way for me recently. Thanks for the comment, be cool.
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It's bantha fodder. They make sweeping generalities that any human can feel is a somewhat accurate description of them. I am a Gemini:


As a Gemini you usually think and act
swiftly, and are always on your toes. Chatty and sociable, sometimes
with a tendency to gossip, you are likely to be highly imaginative with
a mind that is constantly seeking new information and craving new
experiences. You love to study anything and everything that crosses
your path. Because of this intense love of knowledge, if you are
undereducated, or badly so, you might feel miserable and make those
around you feel the same.

When your are intellectually satisfied,
you can be refined and charming. However, you are not happy if things
do not go your way. Everything has a place in your world, and if
anything is misplaced, everyone around you suffers. As a Gemini, you
are likely to find that when an emergency arises, you are cool and
calm, unlike those who will panic around you. In these types of
situations, you are able not only to develop solutions or plans of
action, but good ones at that."
Sure, that sounds like me some of the time. Other times I am dominated by lethargy, sociophobia, lack of creativity, and complacency. If you read through some of these reviews, I'm sure you will find several traits of other zodiacs that are not your own that you can still identify with.
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Yes i do believe there is more to this than people think. I have dated five guys, including the one i am dating now, and all these men have be compatible through the greek zodiac. I find it funny and yes it works very well. It got me down exactly, i'm a scorpio. Which explains my mean personality and the tendency not to care what others think about me. But it also got how i don't express myself other then hey what's up, i'm very confusing to some, and how i tend to love people an care for others very easilly. I hoped i helped, if i didn't sorry.
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Merlin Paine
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Yes I have to agree with you....the thing is I am an Aquarius and my ex wife was a Scorpio. These two are about as far from compatible as any other duo......Aquarius is attracted to Scorpio but it is his worse possible match. But this doesn't mean Scorpio is bad ....or that Aquarius and Scorpio would never work but it has got me thinking .....Thanks for your answer.....
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It is a load of codswallop. Think about it.   A part of the entertainment industry.   Everyone is so unique   with the exception of identical siblings.
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Merlin Paine
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Yes this is true .......thanks Aileeny
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Socrates, No probs, thanks but I really do wish people would use their logic about all this so called star signs stuff. There is no influence on personalities etc. It really is silly. Cheers
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It's all myth and generalizations. Any similarities you can draw between yourself and the traits associated with your "sign" are mere coincidences.
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Hi Socrates.All types of astrology are total,and utter rubbish.It is full to the brim with confidence tricksters,who prey on peoples weaknesses,and foibles.
I'm a Capricorn,by the way.
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Total Bull----. I believe in very little...unfortunately. I have found that ONLY God and myself has ever helped me. All of the other crap is JUST that....something else to rake u monetarily over the coals.

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