Who Was The Messenger Of The Gods In Greek Myth?


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This was the role of Hermes (Mercury in Roman myth) the son of Zeus, the chief god, and Maia (daughter of the Titan god Atlas.) Hermes carried messages between the living (or the immortals) and the dead. He had the power to cross into the underworld, where the dead were believed to go, and one of his tasks was to guide their souls into the realm of Hades, god of the dead.
Hermes is usually imagined as a fast-moving (mercurial) character, with a love of jokes and mischief. He was an expert thief and in some stories was sent by the other gods to steal something from the mortals. The Greeks imagined him wearing winged sandals (Homer describes him as "wing-footed") and carrying a magical staff decorated with two snakes. This was a herald's or messenger's staff and ensured the bearer's safety even on the battlefield, reflecting the Greek belief that a messenger was sacred to the gods and

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