Can eclipses help us predict our future?


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Not at all.  Eclipses are a natural occurrence every year and in now way affects the life on Earth. Many many years ago, people saw these as omens or bad luck because they believe the Gods did this as a way to show their power by changing daylight into sudden darkness but today we know better

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Sounds like you feel strongly about this but you've only contributed a one word answer... :(
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I don't feel anything about this, but I think the concept of astrology, in general, is pure bunk.

No evidence in randomized trials and double blind experimentation has ever shown anything to astrology. This is the 21st century! Poor people are constantly scammed by this pseudoscience and all people are better off critically thinking about this subject than just following " feelings. "

Perhaps you forgot that I am a scientist.
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The answer is yes and we're actually in an eclipse period right now which will last for the next month or so!  Our first was on 4/25/13, the second will be on 5/9/13 and the third will occur on 5/25/13.  In Astrology, eclipses signal big periods for people creating major beginnings as well as endings - so take note of these periods in your own life. 

There are actually two types of eclipses – a New Moon Eclipse and a Full Moon Eclipse.  With a New Moon Eclipse (or a Solar Eclipse), the Moon goes between the Sun and the Earth which blocks the rays of the Sun.  With a Full Moon Eclipse (or a Lunar Eclipse), the Earth goes between the Sun and the Moon blocking the light of the Moon.  All of this "blocked" energy ends up kind of ends up "rebooting" our consciousness in a way which ends up being felt emotionally, physically and propels major events to occur. 

Some people fear eclipses, but as an astrologer I love them because they are triggers for eventful periods ;-) Happy Eclipse Season!

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