Should Christians celebrate Halloween?


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Technically....they shouldn't...because pretty sure the whole Halloween practice is to get rid of the devil rather than to celebrate it...but times have changed long since then so you could say that it is mostly invalid. Plus Christians don't do Halloween from the religious retrospect it's just a opportunity to dress up and have fun and get all the candy too!

But ideally it's not meant to be allowed, well says the Bible anyway, but the Bible says a lot of things and people still do the opposite.

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When you look at Halloween or any holiday you want to know the truth about the origins of how it came about.  Remembering that Christians are to be morally clean and examples of the way of the Christ.  So if you look at Halloween, the first thing you may imagine is witches, werewolves, vampires, and zombies.  These were all associated with evil spirit worship.  Even the candy that now one of the main components of the holiday is part of the pagan ritual, it was used to appease wicked spirits with sweets. The church later encouraged celebrants to go from house to house on All Hallows’ Eve, asking for food in return for a prayer for the dead. This custom eventually became Halloween’s trick or treat.  These are just a few of areas of the holiday Halloween that true Christians want to be aware of, and never believe it when someone says that celebrating these pagan rooted holidays are just for fun or traditions.  The Bible warns us to say away from the unclean thing, and involvement in divination, sorcery, calling up of the dead.  I hope this helps answer some of your questions.

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Kass that is true holidays like Christmas does have roots from paganism. In fact when you read in the Bible, non of Jesus disciples or Apostles celebrated Christmas or birthdays. There is only two occasions where the Bible speaks of ones celebrating their birthdays and neither where followers of God. When you look at the celebration of Christmas, the world is given the nativity story as a guide to the birth of Christ and that is how the churches today view Christ's birth, but yet is does not match the facts that the Bible gives about the details Jesus' birth. So no matter how much one views it as tradition if it is not being taught truthfully it is false. Even first century servants of God had traditions that they followed but that were all based on facts and truths. So Kass think of it this way, if you had given your family a book about your life events to tell others about and as they told others about it, they started to change or match certain dates of other events that had nothing to do with you with events in your book, then people started to celebrated or create a holiday based off events of your story with things that you didn't agree with, how would you feel about the ones who taught these beliefs and who celebrate them? We have to remember that God is truth and cannot lie, and Satan the devil will do anything he can to deceive us to think otherwise.
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Interesting that Christ did not celebrate Christmas, strange that. I can understand why there was no room at the inn though, it's always busy at Christmas!
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The next most “holy” days on the Satanists’ calendar are Walpurgis Night and Halloween. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines the former as “the eve of May Day on which witches are held to ride to an appointed rendezvous.”
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Halloween, (or more correctly Hallowe'en) is the day before All Saints Day (or All Hallows day if you prefer).  Some "versions" of Christianity used to celebrate this as a "feast" as the evening before the "third most holy day" of the year.  It corresponds also with the tradition of "harvest festivals" in the UK and Samhain (?) a semi-religious ancient celebration of the end of harvest. The modern "celebration" of "halloween" in the UK is an unwelcome import from the United States, it did not exist 30 years ago. Christians may join in, if they wish.

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No. I know I don't. It's just wrong, celebrating the devil when we are God's people!

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